How often should I workout

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Post by George G » Fri Apr 07, 2006 8:04 am

TimD wrote:Well, I have to disagree with Matt here. I think bodyweight is fine on an off day, just keep a lid on the volume. For example, pushups. It's much more of an endurance things, and I've found it really doesn't make inroads into recovery from benches. I do some form of them or P bar dips everyday. I consider it more of an "active rest" and a GPP thing.(general physical preparedness). Just my .02. Think your plan looks pretty solid.
I think this depends on your strenghth levels. If you can barely do 10 push-ups and only 4 dips, well then I am pretty sure it will affect recovery. If you can do an easy 30 push-ups, that's a different story.



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