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Tim's Journal

Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:23 pm
by TimD
Figured I'd start logging these things. I have no set routine per se (as you'll see), but focus mainly on total body stuff, emphasis on fitness, but ike to have at least two mainly strength days/week, with the other days being mainly METCON oriented. Age 56, and just trying to stay fit. Started out in 1962 for sports conditioning, then shifted to OL and PL later on. Now just mainly Gen Fitness oriented but like to keep in touch with the other methods.
Warm up/GPP/Snatch assistance practice. using a complex i saw over at Coach Javoreks site. Snatch grip hi pull from hi hang X 6 +muscle snatch from the RDL position (mid shin) X6 +overhead Squat X 6 +Good Morning X 6 +PP B/N X6. Complexes done nonstop, same weight. 2 Rounds @45 lbs, 1 round @55 lbs, 1 round at 60 lbs. Time, 12 minutes.
Main workout (after a breather) borrowed from Crossfits WOD, but watered down and modified. A METCON thing today
Rounds of 21,15,9 reps of the following:
1. Sn grip RDL w/shrug (have bad arthritus in right hip-so working mostly on flexibility and positioning) @135lbs
2. High Incline (60 degrees) clean grip (shoulder width) @85 lbs
3. Hammer grip shoulder width kipping chins/pullups
Time for these three rounds, 14 mins give or take. Feeling my age today.
Cool down with 2 sets of hanging frog kicks
Cooments welcome.

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 4:17 pm
by TimD
Feeling a bit lethargic, but OK today.
Warm up, 3 rounds of 8 each of the following,
clean grip BB musclesnatch from the low hang,
BB thruster (front squat -push press combo), good morning, hanging frog kicks. BB weights kept light for warm up. # rounds at 45, 55, 65 lbs. Time, 7 minutes.
Did Clean and PushPress (1 clean per set)
45 X 10R X 2 sets
75X5 R
115X3RX4 sets
Took my time on these
1 round of 1 DB C and Jerk (10 L + 10R) 35lbs
1 round 1 DB sn (10 L + 10R) @ 30 lbs
Going to pick up my new dog tomorrow, set vet, etc. Taking tomorrow off

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 5:12 pm
by TimD
Got side tracked for a few days. Went with an easy METCON today. 400 meter row, muscle snatch from low hang 15 reps @45 lbs, thruster (squat push press combo) @45 lbs, 15 chins. 3 rounds, 2 minutes.

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 9:27 pm
by TimD
Pretty rainy today, and my basic BBsetup is out on the back porch, so stayed inside for some DB work. Used it as kind of an active rest day. Did Jaovreks DB complex I, upright rowX6, muscle snatch from the low hangX6, thruster (squat push pressX6, bent row X6, squat pulls (sumo DL - hi pull to chin) X 6; each complex done nonstop, same weight DB's. 60 sec break between complexes. 4 X through at 15, 20, 25, 30 lb DB's per round. Total time, 12 minutes.

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 8:33 pm
by TimD
Went with the Crossfit WOD today, slightly modified. Warmed up with 2X10 40 lb 2 hand DB swing. Rounds of 5 weighted pushups (40 lbs), 10 PBar dips, 15 ovhd squats with an empty standard bar (give or take 18 lbs). 11 rounds in 16 mins. Starting a new strength cycle tomorrow. Iike the XFIT andComplex stuff, but need some serious strength work on the basics. Picked three basic routines.
A. Clean pulls from 2nd pull position (just above knee), High Incline BP with a clean grip, and back squat. 5-8 sets, 3-8 reps depending on the lift. Will periodize this thing, starting out at around 60% weights. Same scheme with B and C
B. Power Snatch, Push press B/N, Ovhd Squat
C . Power clean, Push Press/jerk, Front Squat.
I like the Xfit model of 3 on 1 off, so will probably do it like this, A/METCON/B OFF, Metcon/C/Metcon. Should be doable. A equates to a heavy day for strength development, B Light, C Medium

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 3:12 pm
by TimD
Well, trying out my new sched. Quickly, during warmups, came to the conclusion that due to arthritus (right side) and the 1 1/2 inch difference in height between my left and right sides, I was going to have to adopt another stance, and work a lot on hip flexibility, so the weights hardly approached the 50% mark today. Also, adopted Bryce;s B squat stance
A1/ Sn grip RDL into a kick shrug/pull
6 sets of 6X135lb
A2 Hi incline clean grpBP
10 X 45
8 X 65
6 X85
3 sets of 6 X95
A3 B squat, bar on back
8 X95
4 sets X6 X 135
A1,2,3 denotes done as a circuit. Total time 25 minutes Will back way off on zipping through this, will also probably drop the circuit as the weight goes up.

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 8:27 pm
by TimD
Did a few complexes
Complex I warmup/gpp
a variation of Buergner's warmup (Barbell)
3 sn shrugs (with knee flexion) +3 sn hi pulls from hi hang + 3 muscle snatch from low hang + 3 PP B/n +5 Overhead Squat (OHS) (same weight, no rest, straight through)
1 set 45 lbs, 1 set 65 lbs
Complex 2, DB's
Squat pull (sumo dl upright row) X 8. +hammer curl X 8 + Suat Pushpress X 8 + RDL/row combo (go down into low position, row the bells up, come upright) X 8.
Straight through, no rest. 3 rounds at 30, 35, 40 lb DB's
Saw Bills entry on throwing around the sandbags, so just for grins, I duck taped my dog's food bags together (45 lbs each) and practiced a few shouldering movements. Got kind of messy because one was open and the kibble started flyng out.

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 11:36 am
by TimD
I don't post daily, as everyone here by now has a pretty good idea of my METCON stuff, but I will post on a strength day. Decided to try out an old routine I got from the Sorin's some years back. Fits in perfectly with a strength day. No clocks, just took my time.
Alternated push and pull (triplex push and pull)
MP 3X45, 3X65, 3X85 (3 reps each X weight)
Each MP set alt with clean grip upright row, no knee kick, 3X45. 3X 65, 3X85
Move to alternates Push press and in between snatch and clean grip high pull to chin from RDL pos
Sets of 3 each for 95, 105, 115
Move to alternate sets of 3 ea Push jerk and snatch grip high pull from floor
135, 145,165
Only got 2 on the push jerk so stopping it here.
Finished with 2 X 3 Sn grip DL plus shrug (bar tat lower sternum) @205 and 245

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:10 pm
by TimD
Well, had been laid off for about 6 weeks due to major arthritic problems with the left hip. During that time got my new shoes (right one requires an inch and a quarter build up on the soles). After that, plus some meds, it's starting to feel somewhat better, so am continuing . Can no longer pull off the floor with conventional style. Sumo style works ok, but feel a lot of pressure on the right hip. Tried the B squat with pulling (I squat like that all the time), a staggered stance, and it felt OK.
9:00 AM - a METCON/joint mobility thing
Circuit 1
Hi pull to neck from floor + power clean from knee + cheerleader (back squat pushpress combo) + good morning 6 reps each done nonstop, same weight. 4 rounds at 45, 55,65, 75 lbs
Circuit 2
Hanging knees to elbows 10 reps, P bar dips 8 reps, hammer grip chins 8 reps. 3 rounds.
Total time 14 minutes for both circuits

7 PM
Am afraid of messing up my hip, so starting a cycle light
1. Sn grip pulls from the floor
Density style, 10 sets of 2 going on the minute mark (total time 10 minutes)
2A Incline BP , 60 degree bench with a clean width grip, 4 X 5 (2 light warm ups with 2 top worksets) starting cycle light at around 70-75%
45.85,115 alternated with
2A Hammer curls (I throw these in as they seem to compliment it nicely and aid in set to set recuperation with the inclines) 4X6 (same progression) at 25, 30, 40 lb DB's

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 9:26 am
by TimD
After the layoff, was really stiff and sore from last night's thingy. took an active rest/metcon/recovery thing today to loosen up the shoulder girdle and posterior chain.
Circuit done non-stop, rest only long enough to switch weight at stations between rounds. 4 rounds
1. Sumo Deadlift Hi pull, 2 DB's 15,20,25, 30's 10 reps each
2. BB Push Press 45, 45, 55,65 10 reps each
3. Overhead squat 45,45,45,45 10 reps each
4. Cable pulley crunch, standing 60, 70,80, 90, 15 reps each
Total time 16 minutes

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:17 pm
by TimD
Just started this 1 arm challenge thing and it gives me a good ecuse to try out Justa's stuff. Topped out at 70 lb right arm C and P (strict). Justa's thing is interesting, so starting w/ give or take 70 % , I'm starting with 45 lbs in the 2 DB C and P. The system; Singles. Days 1-7 respectively you use the following singles. 3,5,7,9,11,13, rest, start over with more weight. Take as long or a little time as necessary between lifts
Today, 3 singles w/45
3 rounds 21-15-9, 5 mins 25 secs
1A OHS w/20 lb breaker bar
1B Sawhorse Dips
1C Bodyrows, 3 degree andle, heels on ground

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:05 pm
by TimD
Warm up/GPP/Conditioning
3 rounds of the following complex, 6 reps each, no rest, 45 secs between rounds
Sn Grip Hipull/uprow from hi hang (above knee)+ Sn Grip Muscle Sn from low hang (just below knee-RDL) + Sn Grip Back Squat PP B/Neck + Sn Grip RDL and shrug.
45, 55, 65 lbs respectively

Took a good breather, then
Clean and Alt Press
5 singles w/45 lbs

Really understimated on this one. First off, changing the method to clean and alt press. 1 clean, 1 press L (weak arm) + 1 press R.
Would have made a good challenge but doable 1 set. Gonna Kick the weight up to 50's to finish out the week.

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:39 pm
by TimD
Light/off Day. Wrmed up with Javorek's Shoulder pre-re-hab complex w/10' lb DB's. Throw in some double snatches and squat pulls (sumo DL High Pulls) for good measure.
Got a bit carried away. Don't know what I was thinking. Did 7 rounds of doubles with 50 lb DB's, spaced 45 secs apart in rounds. Cutting back to singles tomorrow. The idea is a progression so you can train neural 6-7 days a week without burning out. Feeling good though. Goal weight is 80's for a double. 3 1/2 weeks to go. should be doable.

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:11 am
by TimD
Sun 01 Mar
Focus: 9 reps C and Alt Press @ 50 #
Density PC+Fr Squat from the catch position
10 sets 2 reps on the minute mark (10 min total) @ 135#
Complex 3 rounds of L and R of 1 arm complex, 6 reps each;
Muscle snatch
Power Clean
Overhead Squat
Power Snatch
@20, 25, 30 #

Mon 02 Mar
Focus 11 reps @ 50# C and Alt Press
5 rounds 10 reps each
2 DB swings @ 25's
Sawhorse dips
Body Rows

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:14 pm
by TimD
13 reps C and Alt Press @ 50
6 reps each of the following complex
Done for 4 rounds
Squat, Behind Neck PushPress, Front Squat, Sn grip Hi Pull to upper Chest
@45, 75, 95, 115 ;bs,