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CJ Waid
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CJ Waid's Journal

Post by CJ Waid » Fri Jan 19, 2007 10:16 pm

Just got done shoving a 1/2 pound Cheese Burger into my mouth (Extra Lean Ground Beef on two pieces of high fiber bread with a piece of fat free cheese)

Worked Legs, Back & Abs Today,

For the 3rd time this week.

Warmed up on the Recumbant Bike, set the setting on 10 to start with, worked it up to 15 (the max on the star trax), just stayed on long enough to get my legs feeling warm, about 10 minutes.

Started with Leg Press
Moved to Squats (light, since I already squated on monday)
Quad Ext, and Ham Curls
Did two sets of lunges for good measure
Then a set of one legged Quad Ext and Ham Curls

Then I moved on to some bent over rows
Then some Lat pull downs
(My Wednesday back routine was huge, so that is good for me)

Moved onto some Standing Calf Raises (Loaded the Weight, and Squeezed raised up almost onto my tippy toes). Real men say tippy toes.
Moved on, seated calf raises, then some anterior calf work on the old leg press.

Then I did a couple sets of hanging leg raises, feet to the sky, got tired did some roman chair, then I went and did one set on the new ab machine (didn't like it) so I did some regular plate crunches on the bench.

Didn't feel like doing anymore cardio, so screw it, I want my cheese burger.

Time to go pick up Sarah, I just have to wait for my bedding to get done drying... Have to make sure the sheets are clean.

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