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Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:08 pm
by amivan
No lifting today, did a HIIT session it was fun-sorta;

30 seconds all out sprint (~200m give or take 30m)
4 minutes walk/light jog

did a total of 4 minutes of sprinting, which probably all added up to a mile distance wise. My last 30 second sprint was awesome, I roared right before I broke out into the sprint and got 250m and a huge cramp, pretty sweet. Feels good to be running again. I'm hoping I can get in enough shape to run the 30 second splits and jog the recovery rather than walk it. I've got a HR monitor coming in sometime next week so that'll help monitor the workout intensity.

Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:40 pm
by amivan
came up with something new;
[blahblah] indicates if there's any running that day, jog meaning 3 miles easy, light jog meaning 1 mile easy and a lot of stretching, HIIT meaning 30 second all out sprints with 4 minutes of recovery inbetween (+/- depending on HR recovery).

day 1; upper body maximal effort [jog]
day 2; lower body maximal effort [light jog]
day 3; fine-tuning weight room (shoulders/abs) [light jog]
day 4; [HIIT]
day 5; medicine ball workout - work up to 300 reps with one weight, then move up
day 6; [HIIT]
day 7; rest & relaxation

med ball workout; overhead med ball tosses, chest passes to a wall, one handed alternating wall passes, ceiling scrapers, floor slams, twists

Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:47 am
by amivan
Good lifting day today, especially with no caffeine before working out, apparently it doesn't help that much..

DB Bench; 65#x10,70#x8,75#x8,80#x6,85#x6,90#x4
BB Bent-over Rows; 135#x15,155#x10,160#x7,185#x4
Pullups; BWx10(OH),10#x8(UH),10#x8(OH),BWx10(UH)
DB incline press; 65#x5x5x5 (right shoulder felt funny right before the 6th rep each time but not painful so I continued)
Smith Decline Press; 105?x20x20x20
DB Upright Rows; 40#x10x10x10

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:05 pm
by amivan
another good day today;

(quads) front squats; 135#x10,155#x10,175#x8,185#x6,205#x4 (new high, CNS is adjusting!!)
(hams) deadlifts; 135#x15,185#x12,225#x10,275#x6
(quads, glutes) reverse lunges; 40#x8, 40#x10, 40#x6
(hams) single-leg hamstring curls; 90#x9,90#x8,90#x9

then I warmed down shooting around, my form's really starting to improve.

tomorrow will be biceps,triceps,deltoids,abdominals, and LB; here's a preview of what I have in mind:

(bi's/delts) curls to presses; start with 40# DB and take it from there-keep swinging to a minimum
(tris) skullcrushers; start with 25# plates on the EZBar and take it from there
(abs/tri's) barbell rollouts; start with 10# plates and work from there, after each roll-out, do a close grip push-up
(LB) hyperextensions; start with the 25# plate and work from there
(abs) plank; start with body weight then move up by 10# until can't hold for 30 seconds)
(bi's/delts) cable curl to lateral raise; start with 2 for warm-up and go from there

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:57 pm
by amivan
DB curl to press: 40#x8x8x8
EZBar skullcrushers: 65#x15, 85#x6, 75#x10
Cable bentover lateral raises: 20#x15,30#x9,40#x6
BB ab rollouts: 20#x12x12x12x12

overall more of a rest day really; came across this earlier ... _challenge
i'm gonna be insane enough to try it sometime (100 wide-grip dips, 100 neutral-grip pullups)

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:18 am
by amivan
30 minute HIIT session out on the XC trail; total of 6 sprints (200m). Once again, the last sprint was the best, not sure why, but it felt the fastest and the easiest for some reason even though I know for a fact it was longer than all the others.

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:14 pm
by amivan
Did the following with a 5kg medball;
No rest during set, just the time it took the ball to get back to me from the wall.

1x50 backwards overhead throws (arced flight pattern)
1x50 chest passes to a wall (about 8 feet away, throwing it 3-4 feet above the ground into the wall)
1x30 floor slams (bring ball up with both hands overhead and then slam down aggressively)
1x30 ceiling scrapers (squat stance, ball in both hands as if it was a goblet squat, shove ball up as you drive up off the ground with your legs)
1x50 wall bounce (two handed fast chest passes against the wall, standing about 2-3 feet away, ball should get back to your hands within a second of throwing it otherwise you're too far away, no pause)

with a 8lb ball (3.2kg?)

1x20 (each side) one handed discus throw wall slams (holding the ball in one hand you slam it with a discus like throw movement into the wall and pick it up or if you're that good, catch it, with your other hand and throw it with that one the same way)

shot the basketball around after this, it felt like one of those cheap plastic bouncy balls that are 99c at walmarts; so very very light and it was. I was shooting from halfcourt with ease (and proper form) however this produced a problem when i got up to the 3pt line because if I put any leg power into the shot it would fly over the backboard. however I did notice that about half an hour into playing, i had regained kinesthetic awareness of the basketball's true weight. fun experience. also, could grip the ball easily during that time in comparison to having difficulty with it.

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:38 pm
by amivan
took off Friday because my left foot was hurting, felt like I sprained the arches somehow, just shot the ball around for an hour instead, no running, just working on release.

going to either play ball today or lift depending on how the foot feels.

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 4:08 pm
by amivan
no ball, foot still was a bitch;

DB Bench; 65#x10, 70#x10, 75#x8, 80#x6, 85#x5,90#x4
BB Bent Rows; 135#x15,155#x10,175#x8,185#x6,195#x4

and the other stuff but, my right shoulder was... locking for lack of a better word

incline DB press, 65#x5x5
upright DB rows, 40#x10x10
Pullups, 15,15
Dips 20,20

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:57 pm
by amivan
Front Squats; 135#x15(wu),155#x10,175#x10,195#x6, 205#x4
Reverse Lunges; 40#x9x9x8
Deadlifts; 135#x15(wu), 185#x15, 225#x12, 275#x6, 315#x3
Single-leg Ham Curls; 90#x8x8x8

the lunges felt easy today, so the stretching I've been doing seems to be helping

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:55 am
by amivan
started with two sets of DB curls to presses of 8 and 9 reps with the 40# DBs
moved on to DB seated presses, started that with 50#x8,55#x6,60#x4 --damn right shoulder still locking a little bit but not as badly as with the incline DB presses--
interspersed that with barbell ab rollouts for 9 reps for 4 sets with 85# total weight
then did some light bi curls with the 35# DBs, 2 sets of 12
as well as some skullcrushers with the EZBarbell, did 2 sets, one with 65# for 15 reps, one with 90# for 5 reps
moved on to the cable bent-over lateral raises; did a warmup set with 2.. which I think stands for 20# for 15 reps then moved up to 3 for 9 reps, then 4 for 4 reps and supersetted it with the 2s til it burned too much

called it a day ive got a lot of work today

looking forward to a HIIT session tomorrow since the weathers been great finally, damn upstate new york

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:15 pm
by amivan
note to myself; tomorrow's HIIT session--do it on the track so you can actually see the distances you're covering-go for broke. HIIT took a hit today, played bball for 2 hours instead.

will do medball workout and 200 rep challenge (pullups-dips) tmorrow; also, picked up some chuck taylors, gonna see if theyre any good on leg day

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:18 pm
by amivan
Did the 200 rep challenge (second) and my medball workout (first).

The 200 rep challenge took me 21 minutes and 43 seconds. Not going to lie, the dips were a piece of cake the pull-ups sucked after the 5th set I could only crank out 6-8 rep.

Dips: 15-15-15-12-12-15-16=100
Pullups: 12-10-10-8-6-8-5-8-7-6-8-8-7-5=100

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 7:29 pm
by amivan
Nothing today, just basketball for 2hrs. Rest day tomorrow.

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:15 pm
by amivan
played bball for 3 hours friday, took saturday off, today did by upper body workout;

DB Bench Press; 65#x10, 70#x10, 75#x8, 80#x6, 85#x4, 90#x2, 95#x1 (new "high")
BB Bentover Rows; 135#x15, 150#x12, 165#x10, 175#x8, 185#x5
Incline DB Press; 65#x6x6x6
Weighed Pullups (Overhand grip); 10#x8, 20#x8, 20#x6, 25#x5 (new high)
Wide-grip Smith Decline Press; 90?x20x20 (this really hits the triceps)
Upright DB Rows; 40#x12x10