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Posted: Mon May 26, 2008 4:36 pm
by amivan
in 20 minutes, 10 sets of 3 reps in the following;

incline DB presses with 70lb DBs (140#)
squats w/ 235lbs
bentover BB rows w/ 175lbs

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 2:22 pm
by amivan
tuesdays workout was a 5k in 22 minutes (not race-pace, just.. some pace)
weds. workout was 9 sets of 3 reps in the standing DB press w/55# DBs, 235# sumo DLs, and 175# bentover BB rows
todays workout will be a 5k in x time

Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 1:36 pm
by amivan
yesterdays 5k was cut short by my achilles tendon throbbing, so it was a 2.5k which.. is really nothing.

todays workout was

70# DBs (im going to increase this to 75# next workout) Incline Press
235# DLs
175# BB Bentover Rows

for 9 sets in 20 minute and 33 seconds. Probably would've had 10-11 sets if I didnt have to keep switching the weight on the barbell for the DLs and rows.

supplementary vanity exercises;

40# DB curls, 2x8
85# Skullcrushers, 2x8

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:30 pm
by amivan
Today's workout;

80# DB Bench Press - 10 sets of 4 reps
175# BB Bentover Rows - 10 sets 4 reps
-in 19 minutes

70# Incline DB Press - 5 sets of 4 reps
25# Weighed Pullups - 5 sets of 4 reps
-in 11 minutes

42.5# DB Curls - 3 sets of 6 reps
90# EZBar Skullcrushers - 3 sets of 6
-in 10 minutes

25# Situps - 2 sets of 25 reps
25# Hyperextensions - 2 sets of 25 reps
-in 8 minutes

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:33 pm
by amivan
Tomorrow's workout
make that today's

Front Squat or Hack Squat
Trap Bar DL
-20 minutes for as many sets of 3 as possible
--result; 6 sets of 6 reps (225#/250#) and an incredibly sore lower back
never doing that one again.

Reverse Lunges
Single-Leg DLs
-15 minutes for as many sets of 5 as possible
--result; 2 sets of 8 (45#/30#)

Hip Flexion (leg raises)
Hip Extension (hypers)
-for 10 minutes for as many sets as possible\
--result; skipped for the sake of my lower back

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:23 pm
by amivan
35 minute workout today

9 sets of 70# Incline DB Presses for sets of anywhere from 3-6 reps
9 sets of 185# Bentover BB Rows for sets of anywhere from 3-4 reps

followed by;

5 sets of 50# Standing DB Presses
5 sets of 35# Weighed Pullups

followed by;

an all out set of bodyweight pull-ups for 23
an all out set of bodyweight dips for 32

followed by;

100 situps with a 25# plate held out with outstretched arms (kept above head at all times)


biked 26 miles yesterday

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:05 am
by amivan
todays workout; lookin at a 4 mile bike ride to the gym for warmup and then a lot of sets of either trap bar deadlifts or RDLs after a few sets of front squats mixed with lunges (hell I might do forward lunges for once), finishing it off with weighed hip flexion/extension exercises. will end with some minor stuff like DB curls, skullcrushers, and bentover lateral DB raises. and 4 mi bike ride back from the gym for a cooldown

might start training for a mini-triathlon thats in the middle of july (swim 325 yds, run 3.2 mi, bike... i think it was 8.6 or 11.6) which basically means I have to start swimming every day since the furthest ive swum continuously in my life was 80 meters.)

will do my regular 5k run weds since the temp is supposed to decline from the high 90s...yeesh

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:13 pm
by amivan
workout ended up being... one-sided.

trap bar deadlifts;

followed by romanian deadlifts;

and thennnn some unimportant exercises, the gym was packed. note to self, never go there after work again go early or go late. had to wait wayyyy too long

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:51 pm
by amivan
haven;t really been updating here very much but i gotta say i did
5 sets with 225-245# for 6-8 reps doing snatch-grip sumo dls and they really work, strangely i didnt have to switch my grip to a mixed one like i normally would, the bar doesnt seem to rotate as much doing these as other dl types.


split squats
i still can't figure out how the hell to do these right, i think i might just stick to lunges

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:54 pm
by amivan
been a while since i put anything on here;

vertical training workout #1 results;

50-rep quarter squats with 200#
Trap Bar DLs w/ 300#
DB Swings w/75#
DB Reverse Lunges w/65#
Single-leg DB Calf-raises w/70#

and yes, this is working my vertical has been improving (measurements biweekly) and no, it's not for dunking, I just love getting rebounds.

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:25 am
by amivan
took the day off from any other lifting yesterday and maxxed out on the snatch grip, sumo style DL, the good news: i tore through my old max and hit 345 lbs! The bad news; it hurts a little when I go to the bathroom.


Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:22 pm
by amivan
Well I'm back up in this piece after a lot of complications with the most recent being losing an artery in my right hand via a shard of glass entering my hand. Even more annoying the damn cut still has another 2 weeks to fully heal before I can hold something in my hand that weighs more than 5 lbs again. So in the meantime I've been whittling away and continually getting pissed off at the the lousy physical state I am in.

So this is a promise to myself to get back in it as soon as I can, and this is what I will be doing for the first 9 weeks.

I'm going to start off on the right foot with a thrice a week time workout. The idea is pretty simple, I'm going to increase volume so my body gets used to the grind sessions once again.

The schedule will go 1/2 for the first 3 weeks, meaning 1 day on, 2 days rest.
The 4th and 5th weeks will be 1/1 --1 day on, 1 day rest.
The 6th week will be back to 1/2 but with two-a-days, I will perform a & b with a 5 hour gap.
The 7th and 8th weeks will be 1,OFF,2,OFF,3,OFF,OFF
The 9th week will be 1/3 to provide a good idea of the progress made.

The goal is to perform as many cycles as possible within a given time period (23 minutes).

a) 6 reps = 1 set
Back Squats
Weighed Pull-ups
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

b) 6 reps = 1 set
Snatch-grip Sumo Deadlifts
Barbell Bent-over Rows
Barbell Bench Press