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Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:06 am
by pdellorto

AM - Stretches
IT band, Warrior, pec, quad, calf.
Foam Rolling

6.5 mile round trip to work.

Light workout.

*Towel Partial Pullups - 5 x 3. Nose to I-beam.
*Pushups (various types) - 5 x 5, untimed rest. Feet elevated, elbows tight, wide hand placement, diamond, elbows tight.

Tire Pulls - 1 x 90m backwards, then forwards. 1 x 90m sideways drag per side.

Side Jumps to 1 meter wall. Various distances, sideways and up.

3-direction lunges x 3 per leg

Partial Pistol Sits - 2 x 3 per leg.

Pushups - 3 x 5, elbows tight.

Lunges with 20kg child on my shoulders (3 per leg).
Broad jumps with 20kg child on my shoulders x 3
Child Carry - 30m x 20kg child, until he started to choke me by holding on too tight.

Whole workout took about 1 hour, mostly due to supervising the kids playing with my stuff.


Walk around the neighborhood.


I intended to train a little more heavily but the neighborhood kids were out in force. I think I need to sit them down and explain they can play with my tire, they can try pullups, they can do whatever, but only after I say I'm finished. It's too hard to get a training effect when kids borrow your gear, interrupt your rest times, and when you need to keep an eye on the kids dragging your tires and the kids running around throwing your medicine ball near parked cars while you're trying a different exercise.

Oh well, it's a recovery week anyway.

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 5:56 pm
by pdellorto

6.5 mile round trip to work.

PM - Stretching

Pec, Quad, Hip (Warrior), IT Band stretches.

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:57 am
by pdellorto

Stretches - Pec, Quad, IT band, calf, hip (Warrior)


Warmups: Foot Drills, Mobility Drills, Warrior Stretch, IT band stretch.

Deload week, 50-60% volume.

1) Squat Jumps - 3 x 3, 45 seconds rest
2) Shoulder Press - 5 x 20kg, 3 x 30kg, 4 x 3 x 45kg, 3 minutes rest.
3) Barbell RDL - 3 x 6 x 60kg, 90 seconds.
4) DB Shoulder Press - 3 x 8 x (2*15kg), 1 minute rest.
*5) Wide Grip Pullups - 3 x 4
*6) Rear Delt Fly - 3 x 6 x (2*10kg), 90 seconds rest between supersets.
7) Abs/Hips Circuit - 3 x 10 per of V-Ups, Triangle Thrusts, Bicycles, Leg Scisssors.

5 minute break.

DeFranco BB complex - 1 x 30kg.

Stretches (same as AM) and then biked home.

Before bed - Foam Roller, Stretches.

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:26 am
by pdellorto

Stretches - Pec, Quad, IT Band, Hip (Warrior).

Got to the gym, no one was there, so I could use the ring timer for Tabatas! I had to do it quick so it was pre-warmup, good thing I biked over and it was so damn hot.

Tabata Clapping Pushups - 13-8-5-4
1 minute rest
Tabata Tuck Jumps - 30-30-28-25
1 minute rest
Handstand Static Holds (feet on wall) - 25s, 20s, 15s. Goal is one set of 60s.

Foot Drills
Mobility Drills

2 x 3 minute rounds shadowboxing
2 x 3 minute rounds kicks on the heavy bag
1 x 5 kicks per leg on the moron bag

Stretches - same as AM, plus calf stretches and groin stretches.

...then my coach showed up and I had to fill out insurance claim forms for my eye, now that I'm on the verge of my final followup doctor visit.

12 mile round trip bike ride to Japanese class.

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:31 pm
by pdellorto

Rest day. Had work from early morning until later afternoon, and then I went to a fight at night. Got some walking in but that's it.

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:07 am
by pdellorto

Rest Day
Stretches - Quad, Pec, Calf, Hips, IT Band
Foam Roller (Quads, Hips, Thighs, Glutes, Pecs, Lats).

Rode around 12-13 miles on my bike.


Foam roller is feeling better - it's not hurting as much as before in some spots, in others, areas where I have old injuries or new ones, it still hurts. But I figure it's working because of the improvement in other spots. Not sure I'll "progress" to harder materials, unless my posture lapses back.

Watched "Pumping Iron" on DVD so I figured I should do my measurements again:

Measurements (6/22/08, all measurements left side, I'm righty)
chest - measured relaxed (not expanded), arms at sides, tape under armpits = 97cm (38.2") +1 cm
thigh - standing relaxed, midway between the hip and knee = 57.5cm (22.6") - +2.5 cm
biceps - flexed, at largest point = 34.5 cm (13.6") +0.5 cm
forearms - fist clenched, hand out straight, measured at largest point = 30cm (11.8") unchanged.
neck - below Adam's apple at smallest point = 41cm (16.1") +1 cm
calves - standing relaxed, at largest point = 38cm (15") +1 cm
wrist = 17cm (6.7") - unchanged.
ankle = 23cm (9.1") - unchanged.
stomach at widest point = 87cm (34.3") +2 cm
waistline = 84cm (33.1") - unchanged.
glutes (widest point) = 100cm (39.4") - unchanged.

Well, I'm getting bigger, including my stomach. Not surprising because I'm about 2.5kg heavier than when I measured last time. It had to be somewhere, and I've done some higher-rep ranges so I may have gotten some hypertrophy.

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:12 pm
by pdellorto

Stretches - Hip (Warrior), IT band, Pec, Calf.

PM - Week 1, Cycle 3 of WS4SB3 for MMA.
Warmup: Filling out insurance forms, mobility drills, a few standing long jumps.

1 minute rests unless otherwise noted, 90-120 seconds between exercises unless otherwise noted. * denotes superset.

1) Back Squat - 5 x 20kg, 5 x 40kg, 5 x 50kg, 5 x 60kg, 3 minute rest, 5 x 70kg, 5 minute rest, 5 x 75kg, 2 minute rest, 10 x 60kg.
2) Bench Press - 5 x 20kg, max reps of 40kg - 24, 18, 14 reps. 90 seconds rest.
3) Step Up - 3 x 10 x (2*10kg), 60 seconds rest.
*4) Barbell Shrug - 3 x 6 x 120kg
*5) Band Pull-Aparts - 3 x 12 x band, 90 seconds rest between supersets.
6) L-Chinup Holds - 16s - 12s - 8s - 15s - 9s = 60 seconds. Minimal rest.
7) Dragon Flags - 4 x 8, 60 seconds rest.

Finished with stretches - lat, pec, IT band, hips (warrior, warrior with front foot elevated), calves.


Really annoyingly, I had an allergic reaction to some new soap I got, so my legs and feet are completely broken out in a rash. One thing after another. Changed the soap but now I'm on antihistamines and that's not helping my strength. Still managed to PR the back squat, though. No quad stretches because hold my foot or ankle is miserably itchy.

Back Squat - 5 x 75kg is a new PR, and I'm dead sure I got a little deeper, too - Instead of lining up with the "eye mark" line on the wall I face I managed to get below it instead, still in good form. Nice. The last 2 reps on 75kg were hard, though. I almost thought I'd have to end at 4 reps but I stopped for 3-4 quick breaths, concentrated on "chest up, bend the bar across my back" and dropped down and exploded back out of the hole and got reps 4 and 5 in quick succession.
I'm pleased because I'd done 5 x 70kg before, but then only managed 1 x 72.5kg during my last squat cycle.

Bench Press - didn't go to failure until the last set, so I stopped 1-2 reps early on the others. Reps done fast but with concentration on tight form and pushing from the legs. Paused once or twice per set for 1-2 seconds to breath while the bar was locked out. Felt good, and I know it's my triceps that are my weakest point because the lockout is where I'm stalling. I'll DB floor press to work on that.

Step Ups - 2 x 10kg was a little light, but I wanted to err on the side of caution and get the reps with good form. Next time I'm raising the weight significant - probably to 2 x 15kg.

Shrugs - I do these with a pronated grip, so the grip gives out first. These always leave me light-headed in a way that heavy deadlifts don't approach. I wonder why. Maybe because it's post-legs. So now I'm doing them in the rack for safety.

Pull-Aparts - I need a real band, this Gold's Gym Stretchy Whatever is too weak, and if I double it up it's too strong to budge, making it more like an isometric pull.

L-Chinup Holds - goal is 60 seconds work in minimum number of sets possible. Grip and abs compete to see who gives out first.

Dragon Flags - I like these, concentrated very hard on using my abs, not my hips, to get my legs up. Hard but good. Goal is 4 x 15 eventually.

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:07 am
by pdellorto

Tire Drags @ 30kg (added a tire) untimed circuit, 30 seconds rest between pulls:
Backwards 90m
Forwards 90m
Left Side-Step 90m
Right Side-Step 90m
Backwards 90m
Forwards 90m

Let the kids play while I rested. Eventually I did some short-range pulling with a 28kg kid sitting on top, for a 58kg load. Hard.

After 10 minutes or so of playing, I went inside and did planks:

Side Plank (left) 75 seconds, 30 seconds rest
Side Plank (right) 75 seconds, 30 seconds rest
Plank 120 seconds

Finished with stretches: Quad, Calves, Hip (Warrior, Side Lying Stretch), Pec, IT band.
Foam Roller Thoracic mobility bends.


Hard to work out on antihistamines. Feel sleepy and listless and itchy. Can't wait for this allergic reaction to pass.

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:26 pm
by pdellorto

Rest day, so just biking 6 miles to work and walking a lot.

Went to the hospital for my final checkup, and got an x-ray and CT scan.

Scarring is minimal, most of my fractures have healed completely. My broken cheekbone is still slightly fractured but it's healing properly and well. You can clearly see the plate but not the inserted bone.
I'm cleared for normal sports practice, but I'm supposed to hold off on hard contact for a while.

All in all, good news!

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:44 am
by pdellorto

Warmup: Foot Drills, mobility drills.

1 minute between sets unless otherwise noted.
90 seconds rest between exercises unless otherwise noted.
* denotes superset
bold is a PR.

Bodyweight 83.5kg just before first set.

1) Long Jump - 5 x 5, 1 minute rest. Longest jump was set 4, rep 1 - 247cm.
3 minutes before chinups.
2) Weighted Chinups - 5 x 0kg, 5 x 5kg, 5 x 10kg, 2 minutes rest, 5 x 15kg, 3 minutes rest, 5 x 17.5kg, 5 minutes rest, 5 x 20kg, 3 minutes rest, 8 x 0kg.
3) Barbell RDL - 3 x 12 x 50kg, 90 seconds rest.
4) DB Floor Press - 31 x (2*15kg), 3 minutes rest, 30 x (2*15kg)
*5) Inverted Rows (Feet on Bench) - 12 / 10 / 6
*6) Rear Delt Fly - 3 x 12 x (2*10kg)
7) Ab/Back Circuit - Reverse Crunch, V-Ups, Bicycles, Back Extensions, 2 sets of 20 reps per exercise, 90 seconds rest.

Finished with stretches - pec, IT band, Warrior.


Long Jump - PR by 12 cm! Hell, I hit over 240cm on my first set of 5. According to 250cm is "excellent" and 247 is "very good." My explosive leg drive is really increasing on this program. This is excellent.

Weighted Chinups - max was 83.5kg + 20kg = 103.5kg x 5. Barely managed the last set, but I did them. Goal is at least 5 x 104kg next time. It's not the weight hanging from my hips but hanging from my hands that matters.

RDLs - dropped the weight to 50kg from 60kg to try for more depth with perfect form and more reps. Next week, more weight.

DB Floor Press - first time doing serious floor presses, and I wasn't sure if I could handle the weight I do for DB bench presses (2*20kg for 10+ reps). I clearly dropped too far...I probably could have got 2-3 more reps the first set, and I almost managed 2 x 31. Too light!

Inverted Rows - Oh yeah, smart exercise to do after weighted chinups. I thought I'd do 3 x 12 easy. Nope.

Rear Delt Fly - 3 x 12 at 10kg is hard, hard, hard. But felt good.

Oh yeah, another guy who hasn't seen me in a year - since once of my fights - came to the gym today and said I got much bigger. Nice.

Posted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:09 pm
by pdellorto

Biked about 15+ miles during the day, largely as high-speed rides.

Thoracic mobility work on the foam roller just before bedtime.

Ran into a conflict between "low carb diet" and "here's a beer on the house" and found out "free beer" wins. Still managed to stay below my carb threshold.

Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:19 am
by pdellorto

I'm healed and ready to train MMA and kendo, but my ringworm infection just won't die. Grrr!

Warmup: Foot drills, mobility drills.

Handstands (feet on wall) - 40 seconds, 20 seconds. Goal is 60 seconds in one set.

3 minutes rest

DB Suitcase Deadlifts (L, R) - 3 x 10 x 20kg (per arm), 60 seconds rest.
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlift - 1 x 10 x 20kg, 60 seconds rest.
DB Push Press - 3 x 5 x 20kg, 60 seconds rest
DB Dumbell Rows (Explosive pulls) - 3 x 10 x 20kg, 60 seconds rest.

3 minutes rest

Side Plank (L) - 60 seconds, 15 seconds rest
Side Plank (R) - 60 seconds, 15 seconds rest,
Plank - 60 seconds.

2 minutes rest in a sweaty pool on the floor.

Stretches - pec, IT band, Warrior.

Also did some biking and some walking.


Today's plan was, all the working out I can do with one 20kg dumbbell.
My back didn't like the SLDLs. So I dropped them after one set, I need my back to squat on Monday.

The push presses were perfect, I couldn't have done a 6th rep on any of those sets after having done the handstand practice. The rows, well, I can do a lot heavier so I decided I'd just see if I could accelerate them without any torso rotation. That was kind of fun, not sure how much it did for me but whatever.

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:45 am
by pdellorto

Rest day. Just some biking.

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 6:36 pm
by pdellorto

Warmup: Foot Drills, mobility drills.

1) Back Squat - 5 x 20kg, 3 x 40kg, 3 x 50kg, 3 x 65kg, 3 minutes rest, 3 x 75kg, 5 minutes rest, 3 x 85kg, 2 minutes rest, 10 x 65kg.
2) Bench Press - 5 x 20kg, 1 minute rest, then 45kg - 20, 14, 10 rep sets, 90 seconds rest.
3) Step-Up - 3 x 10 x (2*15kg), 60 seconds rest.
*4) Barbell Shrugs - 3 x 7 x 120kg
*5) Band Pull Aparts - 3 x 12 x doubled up band.
6) L-Chinup Holds - 21s - 15s - 14s - 10s = 60 seconds, minimal rest.
7) Dragon Flags - 4 x 9, 60 seconds rest.

5 minutes rest

Overhead Farmers Walk, 1 minute with 2 x 2kg dumbbells (just for practice, next time heavier).


Back Squat - did a slight "good morning" on the 3 x 85kg, but not severe, just enough to tell me I wasn't going to be able to manage more than 85kg today. During my early warmups I felt a slight "ping" in my right groin area, up near my waist. Felt it once or twice but that's it. Hmm.
In any case, 3 x 85 is the heaviest I've lifted, and it was slightly above my bodyweight.

Bench Press - interesting, adding 5kg dropped 4 reps per set across the board. Next week I'm going to do a different rep scheme, probably 4 x 12 x 45kg with 90 second rests.

Barbell Shrugs - really a grip challenge, it's hard to hold 120kg for 7 reps with a pronated grip.

L-Chinup Holds - very hard.

Dragon Flags - barely managed 4 x 9

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:23 am
by pdellorto

Bad day for exercise. Had to go to the dermatologist again as I broke out all over. More prescription meds and time lost due to running around on errands. Itchy is worse than injured.

Still, managed:

2 x 6, 1 x 3 towel pullups, 1 minute rest. Towel tore on the 4th attempted rep of set three, dropping me down and causing me to skin my right shin on a concrete block. Ouch. Grabbed the wrong towel. Had to stop to staunch the blood, and then it was time to go to the doctor. Disappointed the kids who'd gathered for Tuesday Tire Pulling.

Did a few short bike sprints and some riding, but not nearly enough to count as a real workout day.