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corless's journal continued version 1.5

Posted: Wed May 07, 2008 8:04 am
by Manofsteel319
biceps and back day

Seated bicep d bell curls

1x5 55 lb dbells
1x5 60 lb dbells
1x5 65 lb dbells

seated rows<---- lame

1x5 15 plates
1x5 17 plates
1x5 20 plates

prone incline curls

1x5 105 lbs
1x5 110 lbs
1x5 115 lbs

wide grip pull ups

1x8 reps no assistance

close grip pull ups

1x8 no assistance

lat pull downs

1x5 140 lbs
1x5 160 lbs


1x12 225 lbs
1x10 245

1 set of 21's with 25 lb dbells

decline preacher curls (dbell)

1x6 70 lbs
1x6 75 lbs

Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 8:29 am
by Manofsteel319
Legs :lol:

Dead lifts

1x5 325 lbs
1x5 335 lbs
1x3 356 lbs

squats no smith machine all free weight first time 7 years

1x5 250 <--- way too easy
1x5 275 still too easy
1x5 315 better will use this weight as starting weight next week

kill lunges

1x10 70 lb dbells
1x8 75 lb dbells

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 10:30 am
by Manofsteel319
Chest and tri's

Decline Bench Press
1x5 225lbs
1x5 265lbs
1x5 275lbs

skull crushers(beyond intense)
1x5 115lbs
1x5 125lbs
1x5 135lbs

Inchline bench: rest time between these sets was roughly 30 to 40 seconds
1x5 225lbs
1x5 205lbs
1x5 205lbs

rope tricep press downs
1x5 10 plates
1x5 10 plates

dips body weight
1x15 reps

Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 8:43 am
by Manofsteel319

overhead press barbell
1x5 155 lbs
1x5 165 lbs
1x5 175 lbs<---very scary haha

arnold d-bell press
1x5 65 lb d bells
1x5 70 lb d bells

all cable work was super sets one right ater another

lateral raises(cable)
1x2 plates 12 reps
1x2 plates 10 reps

front raises
1x2 plates 12 reps
1x2 plates 10 reps

rear delt bent over reverse butterfly things
1X2 plates 10 reps
1x2 plates 10 reps

three sets of 15 crunches without torqueing the neck

5 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill. Will try to run outside next time!
did a total of .75 miles 1 minute of sprintish like running and a 2 minute walking cool down so I ran for 5 and walked for 2 total of 7 minutes on the treadmill. Then almost ran over some dumb kid at a gas station. tis life. :grin:

Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 8:23 am
by Manofsteel319


1x5 315 lbs<-----was very pissed becuase this was supposed to be 345 accidentally lifted that
1x5 355 lbs
1x5 365 lbs<---- I did it! My lower back is tight today but I did it!


1x5 315 lbs
1x5 325 lbs<---when i did this this was my heaviest ever lifted then
1x5 335 lbs<--- I did this and as of now is my heaviest squatted not on the smith machine

Standing barbell calf raises(w/plate underneath toes)

1x5 205 lbs
1x5 215 lbs
1x5 225 lbs

I really need to talk to my workout partner about speeding up our workouts because he talks so damn much to everyone it took about an hour to do all this. :lol: crazy.

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 8:59 am
by Manofsteel319

decline barbell benchpress

1x5 245 lbs
1x5 275 lbs
1x5 300 lbs

skull crushers

1x5 115 lbs
1x5 125 lbs
1x5 140 lbs<----spot on the last two reps very very tough

Flat bench

1x5 225 lbs<---awkward been awhile since last flat bench lol
1x5 245 lbs
1x5 255 lbs

One arm reverse grip tricep press down

1x5 7 plates per arm
1x5 6 plates per arm

Posted: Fri May 16, 2008 12:09 pm
by Manofsteel319
Biceps and back

Pull ups

1x6 bw
1x6 bw
1x6 bw

Lat pull downs

1x5 11 plates
1x5 12 plates
1x5 13 plates

barbell bent over rows

1x5 155 lbs
1x5 185 lbs
1x5 205 lbs <-----I'll have to go over the lift and lower the weight to keep correct form didn't like the last set got sloppy

d-bell bent over rows

Not sure what is called kinda like super setting i didnt rest at all between sets the dbells were too small in weight so I just blew through three sets straight

1x5 65 lb dbells
1x5 70 lb dbells
1x5 75 lb dbells

gym only goes up to 75 may have to go to another gym soon

hammer curls

1x5 55 lb dbells
1x5 60 lb dbells

concentration curls

1x5 35 lb dbells
1x5 45 lb dbells

decline preacher curls

1x5 135 lbs
1x5 145 lbs


1x12 185 lbs
1x10 205 lbs

Before I lifted i did 15 minutes of the eliptical i burned about 200 calories
after i lifted I did 2.79 miles in 18 minutes while burning 307 calories trying to tone up now.

Posted: Tue May 20, 2008 8:22 am
by Manofsteel319

Clean and press

1x5 165 lbs cleaned and pressed all five reps
1x5 175 lbs cleaned it once and then pressed five reps
1x5 185 lbs couldn't even clean it tried 4 times must have been mental.

I then went to some rack with pegs put the 185 there so I wouldn't have to clean it I couldn't even lift it up. I tried once couldn't tried again couldn't got pissed angry mad and then walked up to it again I pushed it up got it and then did about 5 half overhead press' with 185.

Was truely the first time I felt defeated from a weight. Hmm.

front delt d bell raises

1x12 15 lb d bells
1x10 20 lb d bells

side delt d bell raises ***Supersetted both excercises

1x12 15 lb d bells
1x10 20 lb d bells

rear delt reverse cable flys

1x12 reps 2 plates
1x12 reps 2 plates


knee ups

3x15 with a 1,4 tempo

flutter kicks
3x60 <-----that was 30 up and downs each leg


18 minutes of HIIT on the elyptical with the last three minutes being a cool down

2.75 miles covered 305 calories burned

by the way I was semi sick throughout the day and my gf thought that maybe thats why I couldn't clean the 185 and I said maybe. But I don't make excuses.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2008 10:12 am
by Manofsteel319
Chest and triceps

Flat bench press

1x5 250 lbs
1x5 255 lbs
1x5 260 lbs

incline bench press

1x5 195 lbs
1x5 205 lbs
1x5 215 lbs

standing rope over head tricep extensions (wierd)

1x5 9 plates
1x5 10 plates
1x5 11 plates <---- very tough but very nice :)

underhand cable cross overs

1x5 6 plates
1x5 7 plates
1x5 8 plates <---- by far the most chest hitting excercise i have ever done the work out is very similiar to cable cross overs but you come from underneath and it hits your chest harder than any i have ever felt. Read about it in a magazine I bought. this workout will be a mainstay in my lifts from here on out. As jim carey would say B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!! HAHA

Weighted dips

1x12 with a 40 lb dbell held by my feet
1x9 with a 50 lb dbell held by my feet
1x8 with a 60 lb dbell held by my feet


1.5 miles on treadmill 10 minutes could have done more but my lower back cramped up and the damn treadmills suck when my feet come down while running it semi sticks making me almost fall... not cool
1.5 miles on eliptical 12 minutes total calories burned roughly 430

no ab work because of being sore from last time working them

Posted: Thu May 22, 2008 9:20 am
by Manofsteel319

Dead Lifts
1x5 335 lbs
1x5 355 lbs
1x3 370 lbs


1x5 320 lbs
1x5 330 lbs
1x5 340 lbs

short barbell weighted lunges

ten steps one way ten steps back 145 lbs
eight steps one way eight steps back 155 lbs

standing barbell calf raise WPU

1x5 225
1x5 230
1x5 235

No abs No HIIT abs still sore from working them three days ago

ITS OVER!!!! :)

Posted: Fri May 23, 2008 10:56 am
by Manofsteel319
biceps and back

Barbell bent over row

1x5 180 lbs
1x5 205 lbs
1x5 225 lbs realised form was ok good stuff

wg pull ups

1x6 bw
1x5 bw
1x5 bw

lat pull downs

1x5 11 plates
1x5 12 plates
1x5 13 plates


1x5 230 lbs
1x5 240 lbs
1x5 250 lbs

hammer curls

1x5 55 lb d-bells
1x5 60 lb d-bells

concentration curls

1x5 40 lb d-bells
1x5 50 lb d-bells

decline preacher curls

1x5 135 lbs
1x5 145 lbs


1x21 25 lb d-bell

no abs or HIIT although that was planned due to time constraint had to just hit the weights very fast and get gone. This was the last day of a four week program of strength training. I have seen size gains in my legs and have noticed strength gains as well. I'll see if I have improved higher end strength in the rep range 8-12 next week.

Also I have been dieting doing abs and cardio. I have noticed weight loss but that may be just fat. I hope so. Now as I weighed myself this morning I'm down to 203 but getting leaner in the stomach area and looking overall a lot better. I will go to a one week 12 10 8 rep workout still sticking to a muscle group a day like I have been. Then the week after I'm going after my 1rm.

I want to deadlift 400 lbs I'm thinking I can if my grip can hold up and I want to free weight squat 380. I want to try to clean 185 fresh. And Try to hit 340 again in bench. I'll let you guys know as soon as I can.

After I finish up with the one rep max week I'll go to a muscle extensive training program starting with my small child like calves. I'll hit them twice weekly with moderate intensity and keep that for a 6 week training plan. I Can't wait.

Muscle specific goals target: Calves

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 7:58 am
by Manofsteel319
Shoulders day

Clean and press
1x12 135 lbs
1x10 145 lbs
1x6 155 lbs had about a 60 second to 90 seconds rest inbetween very tough

1 arm d bell overhead presses

1x12 60 lb d bells
1x10 65 lb d bells

lateral d bell rais

1x12 reps 15 lb d bell

front delt raise

1x12 15 lb d bell

rear delt bent over raise

1x12 25 lb dbells


lunges with bar

1x10 135 lbs ten steps one way ten steps back
1x8 145 lbs 8 steps one way 8 steps back

seated calf raises

1x12 90 lbs
1x10 130 lbs
1x8 155 lbs

calf raise machine

1x12 187.5 thats as high as it goes
1x10 187.5 lbs cant go higher

single leg calf raises

i feel this may do what I want it to

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 9:14 am
by Manofsteel319
Chest and tris

Underhand grip cable crossovers

1x12 60 lbs
1x10 70 lbs
1x8 80 lbs

bench ( was scared out of my mind because I had a female spotter!)

1x10 220 lbs
1x8 225 lbs

incline d bell bench press

1x12 65 lb dbells
1x10 70 lb dbells
1x8 75 lb dbells

tricep press downs

1x12 8 plates
1x5 9 plates 1x5 8 plates
1x12 6 plates.......killed myself here....crazy

standing behind the head skull crushers with easy curl bar

1x12 85 lbs
1x10 95 lbs Had this guy mike spot me made me work my ass off for that tenth rep amazing my triceps were so pumped that if i straightened my arm quicky while relaxed my tricep went over my elbow!!!! I can't explain it hahahaha

body weight dips

1x10....overall amazing workout... loved it minus the me being scared out of my mind that some chick would let me die when she spotted me... she was benching 75

I weighed myself after I ate dinner tonight 207!! how the hell can I have a 5 lb difference from yesterday morning? probably all water and food im guessing

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 8:37 am
by Manofsteel319
biceps and back

Bent over rows

1x12 180 lbs
1x10 190 lbs
1x8 200 lbs

WG Pull ups


Lat pulldowns

1x12 9 plates
1x10 10 plates
1x8 11 plates


1x12 200 lbs
1x10 210 lbs
1x8 220 lbs

Standing curls EZ curl bar

1x12 85 lbs
1x10 95 lbs
1x7 115 lbs <--- amazing

Seated decline d bell curls

1x10 35 lbs
1x8 40 lbs

abs, all three workouts were super setted

flutter kicks

3x60 count 30 each leg



knee ups



10 minutes running on gaylyptical.....3 minutes of cool down 13 total minutes
2.08 miles ran 213 calories burned really good stuff right there.

Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 10:38 am
by Manofsteel319


1x12 300 lbs
1x10 320 lbs
1x6 340 lbs


1x12 275 lbs way too easy
1x10 315 lbs
1x8 335 lbs

Ez curl bar lunges

1x12 95 lbs 12 steps one way 12 steps back
1x10 115 lbs 10 steps one way 10 steps back
1x8 135 lbs 8 steps one way 8 steps back

Standing calf raise machine

1x12 187.5 lbs
1x10 187.5 lbs
1x8 187.5 lbs

Single leg BW calf raises

1x8 Both single legs bw and machine calf raises were supersetted