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Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:03 am
by brook011
Off this weekend, helped with some of the soreness in my shoulders from the number of reps performed in this workout. Back into the gym tomorrow. Been maintaining a 2000-2100 cal on non workout days and 2400-2500 on workout days. Low carb high protein/unsat fats. Just writing this log because after 2 weeks of chicken breasts and flax seed stuck in my teeth, I went out and used this 10$ coupon at a local steakhouse and had myself a 20oz steak and salad. It was funny, I went with the girl, and she literally watched me go carnivore on it. Also started 20mg saturday/sunday on Havoc to help with retaining/gaining on lower calories while I clean up. First lift tomorrow on Havoc.

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 4:25 pm
by brook011
OVT - Shoulders

Military Press / Incline Lateral Raise (6 sec and hold 1)

115x5 / 5lbs
115x5 / 10lbs
115x5 / 10lbs
115x5 / 10lbs
95x5 / 10lbs

Alternate Dumbbell Press / Cable Front Raise (6sec raise 1 sec hold)

40x5 / 20lbs
50x5 / 40lbs
50x5 / 30lbs
50x4 / 30lbs -- failed here. its much harder doing one at a time.
40x5 / 30lbs

Seated Cable Row (to neck) / Incline Rear Deltoid Raise (6sec raise 1 sec hold)

75x5 / 5lbs
62.5x5 / 10lbs -- too heavy, and couldnt quite get that squeeze at the peak
62.5x5 / 5lbs
100x5 / 5lbs -- found my weight here. my weight on this was all over the place as i really have never done these before.
100x5 / 5lbs


Decline trunk twists

10 twists - no weight
10 twists - 10lbs in hands
10 twists - 10lbs in hands

Leg Lifts


Side Bridges

15sec x 2 - each side twice.

Havoc really kicked in today. No fatigue, Weight when I woke up this morning was 210.5, down from about 217 when I started cutting 3 weeks ago. Woke up and noticed I wasn't hungry, but ended up tossing down a protein/flax drink before workout to make sure I didn't lose anything in the gym. Post workout I had 55g protein 60g carbs/waxy maize. I was really shocked at the 115x5 4 times overhead, I hadn't done those in months because I was trying to minimize overworking my shoulder joints for awhile and I really didn't lose anything there. A solid workout. One thing I did note is that I might have to go heavier, I wasn't getting that worn out that I normally got in my first couple workouts on this program, or maybe I'm just gaining endurance.

Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:24 am
by brook011
Just a quick update on my progress. Been busy with classes. Some noteable progress includes a really solid bench and arm day.

So far increases -

arm curls, 5x115 today followed by the 6 second 15lb db curls.

bench, dumb bell, I was stuck with dumb bell, and thought 75 would be tough, but honestly, I pounded out 75x5x5 along with the 6sec 35lb flys no problem. chest killed me afterwards.

front squat, ive gone from 115 to now 185 just based on form alone improving.

waist is down 3/4" currently to 35 1/4", weight is up to around 221 average. currently at 4 havoc's per day, which is a max for me. face is a bit oily and ive gotten some body acne. thats about it. my diet cheats once or twice a week, but is usually one solid meal, otherwise protein/flax/fishoil mrp. noteable body composition changes are mostly in my chest and shoulders, and i can see an outline of where my abs are on my stomach. this is going to take alot of work to get to where I want to be, but this has been great so far for me. prepping a post havoc setup already to keep pushing my body fat % and retaining as much meat as possible.