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Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:53 am
by Jungledoc
Monday, 23 June
Bench 115x2, 130x2, 140x3x5, 140x7
Side-lying ER, didn't write down the weight, think maybe 9# 6x10
EDT Chest Supported Rows, 56; Rollout 55
EDT Tricep pushdown, cable, 4 plates; 68. Bicep curls (hammer, 9#) 72

Wednesday, 25 June
Front squat, 95x2, 110x2, 115x3x5, 115x6
Facepulls (8 plates), 6x10
EDT Single-leg hip thrust, 74; Pallof (5 plates), 67

Friday, 27 June
½ kneeling OA DB Press (27.5# DBx2) 4x5, 1x8
Facepulls (9 plates), 5x10
EDT 3-way shoulder raises (10.5# first 2 sets, dropped to 9# for rest) 35: Chinups 15*
EDT Horiz pullup 48; Rollout 49
*Don't know what I was thinking, except that I thought that I needed to up the weight on the arm raises. The side raises kill me in a hurry, and I was in no time dead. Had to drop back down to 9 pounds, but by then I was fried. I think this affected the chinups as well. Better next time!

Sunday 29 June
Rackpulls 16 ½", 185x2*, 185x2, 195x3x5, 195x14
½ kneeling chops 6x10
EDT Step-up (19# DBx2), 49; Pallof (5 plates) 46

I want to point out that I"ve lifted every second day through this cycle. The next one won't be as neat. There's no way to fit every second day around the call schedule. I'll come as close as I can, though.

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:43 am
by Jungledoc
Wed, 2 July
Bench 105x3, 125x2, 135x1, 140x1, 150x1, 150x5
Side-lying Ext Rot (10.5#) 5x10
EDT chest-supported rows (8 plates)/rollouts; 60 reps each

Saturday, 5 July
Front Squats 90x3, 105x2, 110x1, 120x1, 125x1, 125x6
Facepulls 6x10
EDT Single-leg hip thrust/Pallof (5 plates) 85 each
EDT Triceps push-downs (3.5 plates)/Hammer curls (10.5*2) 80

Tuesday, 8 July
½ kneeling OA press 30.5# 4x5, 1x8
Facepulls (9 pl) 5x10
EDT 3-way shoulder raises 42/chinups 17

Saturday, 12 July
16" rack deadlifts 155x3, 175x3, 190x1, 200x1, 215x1, 215x12
½ kneeling chops 6x10
EDT step ups (20.5*2)/ pallof (5pl) 50 each

I was right in predicting that this cycle wouldn't be as neat as the previous, but I couldn't have guessed bad my schedule would get. I started to tell the story, but it's too depressing. I'll just say, long, hard days. It may be better soon, or it might not!

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:44 am
by Jungledoc
Date Uncertain
Bench 135x7x3
Side Lying ERs, 11.5 7x10
EDT Chest Sup Row/Rollout 50 (less than last time :(

Date Uncertain
Front Squat, 120x6x3, 120x1x6
Facepulls, 7 pl, 7x10
EDT SL Hip Thrust/Pallof, 90 each
Edt Tri Push-down, 3.5 pl/Hammer Curls, 10.5*2; 85 each!

Tuesday 22 July
½ kneeling OA DB Press, 31x4x5, 1x7
Facepulls, 8.5 pl, 5x10
EDT 3-way raises/chins; 8lb 40/Chins18 (raises sl less, chins 1 more)--I was doing these with a partner, and we had to wait on each other for the raises.

Projected--Saturday, 26 July
Rack DL (16") 195x6x3, I'm predicting 10 on the plus set
½ kneeling chops 7x10

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:44 am
by Jungledoc
Tuesday, 29 July
Bench, 115x1, 130x1, 140x3x4sets, 140x7
Side-Lying Ext Rot, 11lbx7x10

Friday, 1 August
Front Squat 105x1, 115x1, 125x3x4sets, 125x6
Facepulls, 4.5pl, 7x10
*Lighter load=better ROM, pulling a little higher than before
EDT Tricep pull-downs 3.5 pl, Hammer curls 2x10.5 lb DB; 90 reps of each in 10 min!!!

Monday 4 August
½ kneeling OA, DB shoulder press, 33x4x5, 33x7
Facepull, 7 pl, 5x10
EDT Chest-supported row, 7 pl/Rollouts; 67 reps of each in 10 min.

Thursday, 7 August
16" Rack Pulls, 170x1, 190x1, 205x3x4sets, 205x12
½ kneeling chop 7x10
EDT Step-up, 2x20.5 lb DBs/Pallof 5 pl; 52 reps of each in 10 min!!

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:44 am
by Jungledoc
Wednesday, 13 August
Bench 125x2, 135x1, 140x1, 150x1, 160x1, 160x2 :(
Side-Lying DB ERs, 11.5 6x10
EDT Chest-supported rows (8 plates)/Barbell rollouts 60 reps
EDT Tricep Push-Down (4 plates)/hammer curls, (11.5x2) DBs, 50 reps

Friday, 15 August
Front Squats 110x2, 120x1, 125x1, 135x1, 140x1, 140x4
Facepulls, 4 plates, 6x10
EDT Single Leg Hip Thrusts/Pallof (5 plates) 90 reps

Sunday, 17 August
½ kneeling OA DB Press (34#) 4 sets of 5, 1x6
EDT 3-way shoulder raises (6.75 DBx2)/chinups 43 raises, 19 chins
EDT Horiz Pullups/Rollouts 52 reps

Tuesday, 19 August
16" rack deadlifts 185x2, 195x1, 210x1, 225x1, 235x1, 235x10
½ kneeling chop 6x10
EDT Step Ups (20.5 DB x 2)/Pallof (5 plates) 57 reps

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:45 am
by Jungledoc
Friday, 22 August
Bench 145x8x1,1x5
Side Lying Ext Rot 11.5DB*2, 8x10
EDT Chest-supported rows (8 pl)/Rollouts 65 reps each (60 last time)
EDT Tricep push-down (4 pl)/Bicep curls (11.5*2) 71 reps each (60 last time)

Sunday, 24 August
Front Squat 140x7x1, 1x3
Facepulls 5 pl, 8x10
EDT Single leg hip thrust (+10 lb plate)/ Pallof (5.5 pl), 85 reps each (new loading)

Thursday, 28 August
½ kneeling OA DB Press (34#) 5x5
Facepulls (8 pl) 5x10
EDT Horiz Pullups/Rollouts 56 reps (52 last time done second)
EDT 3-way shoulder raises (6.75)/pullups 45 raises, 15 chins (prev 43 and 18, done first)
I did the EDT sets in opposite order.--didn't realize how much harder it would make the raises and chins

Saturday, 30 August
DL 16" rack pulls, 7x230x1, 1x230x11
½ kneeling chop*, 8x10
EDT Step Ups (20.5lb*2 DBs)/Pallof (5 pl) 60 reps each (really steaming at the end)
*I've been doing these with bands, just a combination of my bands that seemed to work, anchored to a bolt in the ceiling. I've marked the floor with tape so I kneel in the same place each time, and then have moved the tape slightly further from the anchor point from time to time.

Edited to add Saturday's workout

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:34 am
by Jungledoc
Leaving a place holder, just in case I ever get inspired to add missing data from September, 2014 through the end of December 2015. Don't be holding your breath.

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:35 am
by Jungledoc
A second place holder just in case I want to do it in 2 parts. :)

Re: Andy's journal

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:37 am
by Jungledoc
OK. Here are my logs from the beginning of 2016 until now. Anyone caught reading this will have a brief entry placed in their mental health file.

Friday, 8 January, 2016
Bench 115x5x5, 115x12
Pullups 3/2, 4/1, 3/2, 3/2, 3/2
Band bi/tri/pull apart, rollouts 5x10

Wednesday, 13 January
Step up/calf raises 5x10
Bridge, TKE, ½ kneeling lift 5x10

Friday, 15 January
Incline Bench 40x5x5, 40x8
Chins 8/6/6/5/6
Plank, 3-way shoulders, 5x10

Sunday, 17 January
G-squats (13), lat band walk 5x10
½ kneel chop, Rev hyper, s-l hip thrust 5x10

Monday, 25 January
Bench 105x2, 120x2, 125x3, 125x9
Pullup 5/5

Thursday, 28 January
Step up +10, Calf Raises +10,5x10
Bent Knee Br, TKE, ½ kneel chop 5x10

Saturday, 30 January
Incline DB Bench 40x2, 40x2, 45x5/5/2/3
Pullups (band assist) 6/6/6/5/5
Plank 5x40sec

Few days later
G Squat +15, 5x10
Lat band walk 5x10
Chinup 7/6/5/6/6
½ kneel chop, hip thrust 5x10

Wednesday, 3 February
Bench 100x3, 115x3, 120x1, 130x1, 140x7
Chinups 8/8/6/6/5
Band BTP, ½ kneel lift, 5x10

Saturday, 6 February
Step ups, calf raises 5x10
Pullups (band)8/6/6/5/5
TKE, Bent knee Bridge, Rollouts, 5x10

Monday, 8 February
Inclined DB Bench 30x3, 35x2, 40x1, 40x1, 45x4
Chinups? 8/5/7/6/5
Plank, 3-way shoulders 5x10

Thursday, 11 February
G Squat 15.5, Lat band walk 5x10
Chinups 9/7/5/7/7
½ kneel chip, SL hip thruse 5x10

Wednesday, 17 February
Bench 115 115x5x5, 1x11
Pullups 7/6/6/6/5
Bend Knee Bridge, Rollout 5x10

Monday, 21 February
Incl DB press 35x5x5,1x12
Band-Assisted Pull ups 9/8/8/7/6
Plank, 3-way shoulders 5x10

Wednesday, 24 February
G Squats 16.5x5x10
Lying ext rotations 9#x5x10
Chin ups 10/8/7/7/6
½ kneel chop, SL Hip Thrust 5x10

Friday, 26 February
Bench 105x2, 120x2, 125x3x4, 125x1x10
Band-assisted pullups 10/8/8/6/7
Band Bi/tri/pullapart, Pallof 5x10

Sunday, 28 February
Stepup, calf raise, 5x10
Chinup 7/7/7/7/7
Bend knee bridge, rollout 3x10

Thursday, 3 March
Incl DB press 35x2, 40x2, 40x3x5, 40x1x7
Band-assisted Pullups 10/8/8/8/7

Saturday, 5 March
G-Squats, 18#, Lyin Ext Rotations, 5x10
Chinups 7/7/7/7/8
½ kneeling chops, SL Hip Thrust 5x10

Monday, 7 March
Bench 100x3, 115x2,120x1, 130x1, 140x7
Band-assisted pullups 8/8/8/8
Band Bi/Tri/Pullupart, ½ kneeling lift 3x10

Thursday, 10 March
Step ups, Calf Raises 5x10
Chin ups 8/7/7/7/7
Bent knee bridge, rollout 5x10

Wednesday, 16 March
Incl DB Bench 30x3, 35x2, 40x1, 40x1, 45x6
Band-assisted pullups 8/8/8/8/9
Plank 40 sec, 3-way shoulders 5x10

Saturday, 19 March
G-Squats 19.0, Lying Ext Rot 9.5 5x10
Chinups 8/7/7/7/8
½ kneeling chop, SL Hip Thrust 5x10

Monday, 21 March
Bench 120x5x5, 120x1x12
Band-assisted pull ups 9/8/8/6/6

Wednesday, 23 March
Deadlift 5x32, 5x52, 5x72, 5x92, 5x112
Chinups 8/6/5/4/3 (very brief rest)

Friday, 25 March
Incl DB Bench 40x5x5, 40x1x6
Band-assisted pullups 8/5
Called on account of elbow pain

Monday, 28 March
G-Squats 23# 5x10, Lat Band Walks 5x12
Chinups 7/7/7/7/8
½ kneel chop, SL Hip Thrust 5x10