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Andy's journal

Posted: Wed May 21, 2008 4:23 am
by Jungledoc
Well, here it goes. We leave the ego at the door, right? So I'm going public with my weights, habits, mistakes.

I'll start a thread at for your comments.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2008 5:04 am
by Jungledoc
Wednesday, 21 May

6 hr sleep

Haven't lifted in a week--on call on the weekend, and on Monday I was recovering physically and emotionally from a very difficult weekend. I ate pretty well through the time, though. Judy and Sam are away for a holiday (without me!!!) so I'm on my own for diet. Did some stretching at home.

I went to the gym at about 4:30. No lifters there (Sam, Bill, Scot all away, Jeff's rest day, haven't seen Jim lift in a while). Just Cassie finishing up her hour on the cycle, and later Erin came for some cycle and elliptical. (I missed Sam).

Stretched and kicked for about 5 min.

It's taken me about 4 weeks to complete the first 3 weeks of the new program.

Warmed up with 95#
185#x5/6 (increased wt by 20# this time--it has just been feeling too light, and I feel my technique is sound)

Forgot to warm up with pulldowns
4/3/3/2/1 (Rats! 1 less than the total for the last few times, and I still couldn't make 5 on the first set. When will I progress?)

Forgot to warm up.
75#5/5/5/5/7 (Increased by 10# instead of 5# because the bar didn't look right).

Lifting took about 50 minutes.

I did a DeFranco BB complex (6 reps each, DL, RDL, BO rows, hang cleans, front squat, push press, back squat) all with the empty bar. One round for now.

I did some hip stretches and planks.

Front 75 sec
Sides 30 sec each
Front 30 sec (tried for 60)
Sides 20 sec each
(I'm feeling these more in my shoulders than in my core. Is my core strong or are my shoulders week? Haha. The core isn't all that strong.)

Home to an empty house. Sigh.

Forgot to eat.

Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:22 am
by Jungledoc
Saturday, 24 May

6 hr. sleep
Didn't weigh

A little stretching at home

To the weight room at about 4:30 with Sam. It's great to have him home, but he's tired. Their last several days at the resort were pretty inactive--too many lightening storms to snorkel. He played out after his 3rd set of bench. Stayed to spot for me. Jeff came in, Sam bullied him into going for a new max in bench--he didn't make his current 1RM. But we spent 45 minutes while he tried. Lots of fun, lifting with Jeff. He does a dumbbell swing holding the plates at one end of the dumbbell, and on the upswing he flipped it up and caught the plates on the other end. Looked brutal on his hands.

A little stretching and got going.

Warm-up 10x80# Even the warm-up felt heavy.
145# 5/5/4/4/3 Bummer. I did 150 when I was doing 3x5. Don't know why I'm so weak on this today.
Tried one set of incline EB press at 25#. I'll switch to this in a few weeks.

Warm-up 45# I should warm-up heavier
125# 5/5/5/5/10 Felt better as it went along.

Bent-Over Barbell Row
Warm-up 45#
95# 5/5/5/5/12

DeFranco BB complex (same as last time) two rounds.
No abs or stretching. Too late, too tired. I'm going to have to start going in on off days if I'm not on call to do core and conditioning.

Time--unclear with all the interruptions. At the gym 2 1/2 hr.

Home to baked spaghetti!

Posted: Mon May 26, 2008 3:38 am
by Jungledoc
Monday, 26 May

6 hr. sleep

Work chaotic in AM, calmed down in PM. Out to the gym at 4:50.

I caught Cassie doing the weight machine! Step in the right direction. Sam arrived right after me. L shoulder still bothering on the bench. He dropped some weight and still had trouble. I've almost convinced him to lay off the bench for a while and do some other shoulder and chest work. He's decided to stop squatting. Dad's sad.

Gen warm-up with a few kicks and stretches.

80# 5/5/5/5/6 Still a weak lift for me

3/3/3/3/4 That's 15 reps! Almost made 5 reps on last set. Peter's advice helped a lot. I just feel a lot stronger when I do what I planned every set.

190# 5/10 Felt good heavy. Not a big weight by most standards, but it's my first time over my body weight, and it felt good. 10 reps was not to failure.

No conditioning or core work. Will start coming on off days (especially if not on call) for this. Forgot to stretch.

About 1hr, 5min.

Home to

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 3:33 am
by Jungledoc
Wednesday, 28 May

6 hr sleep, but on call, several phone calls, no trips to hospital

Afternoon "off."

Just Sam and me in the wt. room. Sam's shoulder/chest feeling better--he went full sets on his bench without pain, at least that he'd admit! We talked a lot during bench, which made for long rests.

A little general warm-up.

145# 5/5/5/5/4 A little better.

Inclined DB press 35# x 11. I little too much for good form.

Low back tight and a little sore, so I warmed up with the empty bar. Loosened up a bit, so I just added 20# at a time, and went up slowly.
45# x 8
65# x 5
85# x 5
105#x 5
125# x 5 Almost "lost it" on the 4 rep, and fell forward. Recovered OK, but scared Sam*
135# (which is what I was supposed to 5x5 today) x 7 Maybe had one more rep in me.
Back is tired and tight now.

*I don't think I'm "sitting back" well enough. I don't stay back on my heels well. Wish I had a live coach.

Barbell Row
100# 5/5/5/5/8

At the wt room right at 2 hr. Too long! No stretching after, but I'll do a bit this evening.

Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 6:25 am
by Jungledoc
Friday, 30 May

5.5 hr sleep. Need more.

Work a bit hectic with 2 docs climbing Mount Wilhelm, but it turned out to be not as busy as it could be, and got away by 4:30.

I intended just to do stretching, cardio (yes, cardio, yes, me) and complexes since it's not a usual lifting day, but since I'm going to be on call on the weekend (for the second time in 2 weeks, what with the Wilhelm excursion) and since it's been 2 days, I decided to lift. My log was at home, and I couldn't remember just where I am with some weights, so I walked home to get it. No one else in the gym, so I could listen to jazz!

Kicking, punching (with cute little red barbells), and stretching.

85# 5/5/5/5/6 Felt heavy at first, and I didn't think I could complete the full sets, but I kept getting 5. A little shaky a time or two, but got it under control.

3/3/3/4/4 Almost made 5 the last time. If I had a longer neck I could have gotten my chin over the bar. 17 reps total!

200#! (seems like a milepost--how long will it be until I lift an even hundred anything?) 5/6 Paul Gonsalves really gave me a boost!


Planks. Challenge my shoulders more than my abs. I'm going to forget them for a while.

DeFranco BB complex, 45#, 3 rounds. I'm trying to avoid stopping for extra breaths during the complex.

No cardio, surprise, surprise!

Left after 6:30. Still long, but I got a lot done. Feel tired but good. Home to Friday night pizza.

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:53 am
by Jungledoc
Monday, 2 June

5.5 hr. sleep. On call, so didn't sleep well.

Bad eating day. No mid-morning meal, only handful of peanuts for mid-afternoon "meal" and another pre-workout.

Very hectic at work. Emotionally very tired. Coming off hard weekend of call. Needed to work out, but didn't have much energy. Got to weight room about 5:00. Then Sam wanted to do a max day. I went along, perhaps unwisely. He failed to set a new 1MR in the only lift in his world, I failed in the same lift.


Squat (shot video for form check)

BO Barbell Row

No stretching, no core, no complexes. Exhausted.

Total time 1:30 Home to baked spaghetti.

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:04 am
by Jungledoc
Tuesday, 3 June


Ate better. About 6 oz of pork back that Sam brought home from a mumu Saturday and cooked today. Sliced thin and refried.

Work solid and steady, but a good day, out by about 4:15, to the gym. Work out alone.

One Tabata interval set on the eliptical! I still hate the eliptical. I'll use the cycle next time, then try to build a box for box stepping.

DeFranco BB complex 45#, 4 rounds, 1 min, 1 1/2 min and 4 min rests.

Hip stretches, quad, IT band.

45 minutes.

On the way home, I came across some of the maintenance crew loading empty cooking gas bottles. I dared them to carry the full ones this way, but they didn't take my bait. I don't know how heavy the tanks are. I was going to weigh one at my house, but they had already been here. Don't think I'll try one for a while. ... =624758681

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:04 am
by Jungledoc
Wednesday, 4 June

Sleep 6 hours.

Another not-so-good-eating day, especially afternoon. I need to find something better to carry with me to eat in the afternoon. Afternoon "off" but lots to do, and things didn't fit together well. To gym about 5:15, Sam just leaving after working out with Jeff, so I lifted alone.

90# 5/5/5/5/4
to absolute failure. Bar-speed slow for all sets. Better next time!

3/3/4/4/4 That's 18!

205# 5/5

45 min, but running late for a supper appointment, so no stretching.

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 3:10 am
by Jungledoc
Thursday, 5 June

Sleep 5.5 hr.

Weight 187#

Fairly calm steady day at work, slow afternoon but somehow I managed to be the last away. Stopped and ate 3 cookies & hf of peanuts, drank half liter water. To gym. Just me.

Hip stretches

Tabata on the cycle. Not as bad as on the elliptical. I hope that doesn't mean that I didn't work as hard.

DeFranco BB complex, 45#, 4 cycles, rest 60 sec first two sets, 90 sec after the third. No pauses. More energy than Tuesday.

Hip, back shoulder stretches.

30 minutes.

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 6:18 am
by Jungledoc
Saturday, 7 June

Sleep 7 hr, on call, lots of interruptions.

Rounds in AM, then to Maintenance to get PVC pipe and end caps. Came home and built slush pipe. I thought I did everything right, but BOTH ends leak! Ugh. And I used the last 2 end caps on the station! I'll try to patch it up. I called Jeff to come over and "help me carry something." He handled it a lot better than I did, of course. I tried cleaning and push-pressing it and then putting it on my shoulders and squatting it. None of those moves looked anything like it was supposed to. I got up once before hopelessly tipping over. He needs a longer, bigger one.

To gym at 3:15. Expiramental day. I've concluded that my low back is being overtrained with deads and squats, so I'm going to skip them for a couple of workouts. So today I fooled around with some things I don't usually do.

Sam getting a workout on a construction project. Jeff late, so I did some kicking and then a long set of stretches while I waited for him to spot.

Cable Glute Kicks
Tried a few of these, working up to 3 x 5 plates

45# x 10 bar speed as fast as possible. Realized that it's the antagonists that decelerate the bar. Felt it in the biceps.
85# x 5 fast, but not as fast. Didn't try to rip my arms out!
140# 5/5/5/5/6

Towel pull-ups
3/4 -- I just wanted to try these, but I didn't need a lot of extra pulling.

Incline DB Press
2x33# 14/12/12

110# 5/5/5/5/9

1 hr, 45 min.

My shoulders feel more beat-up than I'd expect from the workout--I wonder if playing with the slush pipe has anything to do with it.

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:19 am
by Jungledoc
Starting today, GMs, Squats, Deads once per week; Press, Chins, Bench, Row every-other W/O. No two workouts exactly the same in 2 weeks. Also think about one isolation or auxiliary lift each day, especially ham and glute work.

Good Mornings



Good Mornings



Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:56 am
by Jungledoc
Monday, 9 June

6.5 hr. sleep.

Wt 183# (yesterday)--that's -45# from last August.

Queen's Birthday. Happy Birthday, your majesty. Holiday here, so no work except rounds.

Rounds in AM, reading, then hike to "Suicide Rock" with Judy and a volunteer (about 2 hours altogether), reading, then to gym. Jeff and Ethan showed up. Ethan just did stuff, but had fun and it was actually stuff that challenged him physically. Jeff just let him go. Great! I got Jeff to do his "Flipping DB Swing and Hold" for a video clip.

Kicks for warm up.

Changed the program a little starting today.

No heavy back work today.

Good Mornings
Sets of 3, working up from 45# to 105#. Feels like a good place to start 5x5.

90# 5/4/5/5/7 weird. Probably didn't rest enough before 2nd set

4/4/4/4/5!!! That's 21 reps! A couple of weeks ago I was whining about slipping back to 14 to 13 reps! Felt good.

Also a few C.D. Deadlifts

At the wt. room almost 2 hr.

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:59 am
by Jungledoc
Wednesday, 11 June

Sleep 8 hr.

Wt. 184#

Half-day off. Email and paperwork, then to the gym at about 3 PM. Jeff repairing the treadmill. (sigh) That means that people are going to have the treadmill folded out in the middle of the floor. We need a bigger room.

body wt x 5
45# x 5
85# x 5
115# x 5
135# x 5/5

Bench (Inc DB)
2x35# 5/5/5/5/10

Row (BOBB)
115# 5/5/5/5/6 Form a little shaky. Probably not bent near enough horizontal.

Walking Lunges
33# 30 steps. Glutes cramped promptly after.

Stretching about 20 minutes. Good stretches on the glutes. I'm gonna be sore where I sit down.

1 hr. 45 min.

Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:05 am
by Jungledoc
Saturday, 14 June

Sleep 6 hr. It's annoying when I don't have to get up for anything, but I can't sleep much past 5.

Wt. 185# (drat! up 2)

No hosp responsibilities, but Field Director here for a field meeting in the afternoon. Couldn't get to the wt. room until about 3:45.

Current workout is set aside for now. I'm training with Sam in this bench-centered plan to get him to his bench goal before leaving home in August. He asked me to do it with him. Back still a little sore, so it's probably good to lay off the heavy lower-body work for a little while.

Today was mostly for working out weights to use to start the new routine.

Close-grip bench
145#x1, 1RM


Floor Press, new to me
135#x5, near failure
Calculated 1RM=152: I'll start at 120#

Cable Upright Row
Worked up to 10 plates, 1 set of 10

Bent-over DB row
Played around with several weights. Will start with 34#

Hammer curls
Played around with several weights. Will start at 24#, but we'll see how these feel when I'm not as tired

Skull Crushers, new to me
Played with weight, and anything much over the empty bar feels pretty heavy right now. We'll see how this goes, and move up accordingly.

Chins--Yeah, that's 25 reps in 5 sets from a guy who was moaning about being stuck at 13 reps a couple of weeks ago. This made me REALLY happy! I was even a little unsure on the 3rd set--it may have been 6 reps. It's really good to have a lift that I can be making such clear progress in.

Sam made a new 1RM on close-grip, so he was happy.