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Post by manofsteel1385 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:18 am

My Workouts have changed I have changed and heres all that follows

Im not going to make this all fancy I want to get it done as fast as possible. I'm now doing a workout split of 5x12 with cardio and p90x. My goals have changed and how I approach working out has changed but because the results I have seen.


Complete range of motion with all workouts and slow fluid movement in both phases of the lift.

Calf rasies on Donkey calf raise machine.

5x12 110 lbs plus my body weight by the last set the last four reps are hell

Deep Squats I'm going to try to make some more videos.

5X12 225 lbs free weight squat rack

Dbell Lunges

2x2x15 with 55 lb dbells...think its easy? I almost threw up twice today lol

Seated Leg extensions

5x12 110 lbs? I think I don't write it down anymore still hurts lol

Seated leg curls

2x12 90 lbs due to the fact I felt a slight tweak in my hamstring i didnt hit the 5 sets I would normally

hit the obliques and abs kinda quickly i used a 45 lb plate to hit my obliques got the workout off of here, then did the ab crunch machine 110 lbs complete range of motion 2 sets of 15. If I wasnt interupted by two females I would have been doing more. I may have recruited them for my daily workout sessions online!!! Hahah tomorrow is yoga.

That was last night at the gym. I got both of their names and added them both on facebook we will see how that goes.

I will update this daily.

I just want to let people know. That if you think you're a big guy and your lifting heavy weights and doing 0 cardio you may be fat without knowing. Seriously get in front of a mirror. I never did I just liked how huge i looked I never did any cardio. I looked like a turd. Now I diet I eat clean my post workout meal tonight was a small meal of 7 eggs in pan scrambled with a glass of two percent milk with ranch dressing on the eggs crap load of protein is what you need after a good workout.

Also I realized it's not how much weight you lift but the quality of the lift quality over quantity. I'm going to be making money off of my body. That is fact. I am going to be a paid fitness model that is also fact. To do this I have done what needs to be done for example cardio, running, stuff we hate.

If you want to look good naked if you want to be healthy feel healthy and fit into pants you have to do MORE. I Love what I have done and wish I would have not been blinded by size and lbs I wanting to be over 200 lbs. Now I have stretch marks to really enhance the tale, who cares" hahaha I'm 179 right now and when I'm going to be good to make that money I was talking about prob 170 maybe less but I don't care. I love fitness I have trained a bunch of people and loooove it.

Eat clean lift right have goals track your progress and make cardio key. Diet and cardio are the in my opinion most important for having a body you want the women to love to look at. Ok stu I hope this was what you had in mind if not let me know what you need!!! haha thanks.

John Corless

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