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Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:13 pm
by yadmit

Treadmill today

Total: 37 minutes
Warm Up: Three minutes
Cool Down: 2.5 minutes
Distance: 2.63
Laps: 10.5
Calories Burned: 477
Intervals: 5 High Interval Laps (approx 2.5 minutes per lap and I did these running... highest speed was 6.0)/4 Low Interval Laps
Grade: 4.0
HR: 149.3 BPM (Avg)


Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 11:24 am
by yadmit
Week Four/Day Two

Start: 7:57am
Finish: 8:50am
Warm Up: Three minutes on the treadmill

Supine Rows: 5x5
Machine Chest Press: 90lbsx5x5
Conc. Curls: 15lbsx5x5
Standing OH Xtns: 45lbsx5x5
Monkey Curls: 15lbsx5x5
Horizontal Leg Press: 150lbsx5x5
BB SLDL: 75lbsx5x5
Calf Raises: BWx3x15 (5 second hold at top during flex - ouch)
Hanging Leg Raises: 3x10

Good today.... though I'd give that calf workout a whirl... burn.... managed to get 5x5 on the supine rows.... been working at that for a while... may add a weight..


Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:22 am
by yadmit
Week Four/Day Three

Start: 8:09am
Finish: 8:56am
Warm Up: Three minutes on the treadmill

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns: 100lbsx5x5
Incline DB Flyes on the ball: 20lbsx5x5
Ball DB Hammer Curls: 10lbsx5x5
Close Grip Pushups: 5x5
DB Lat Raises (on Bosu): 10lbsx5x5
Smith Squat: 80lbsx5x5
Split Sqauts (leg on ball): 15lbsx5x5
Decline Crunches: 25lbsx20x2/25lbsx10x1

Whew... Niagra was pouring off my head today...


Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:19 am
by yadmit
Week Five/Day One

Start: 8:00am
Finish: 8:55am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the treadmill

Leg Press: 320lbsx5x5
DB SLDL: 40lbsx5x5
Seated Machine Row: 80lbsx1/100lbsx4x5
BB Bench: 80lbsx5x5
OH Press: 55lbsx5x5
EZ Bar Curls: 30lbsx5x5
Cable Pushdowns: 15kgx5x5
Calf Raises on Leg Press: 270lbsx20/270lbsx15/270lbsx12
Ball Tilts: 10x3

Thoughts: I felt this was a good workout today... no real BIG sweat, but good consistent numbers on the Leg Press.


Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:23 am
by yadmit
Week Five/Day Two

Start: 8:00am
Finish: 8:57am

Warm Up: Five minutes on the treadmill
Heart Rate: Peaked at about 148bpm

Sissy Squats: 15lbsx5x5
Leg Xtns: 65lbsx5x5
BB Good Mornings: 65lbsx5x5
Inc. DB Flyes (on the ball): 25lbsx5x5
Preacher Curls: 40lbsx5x5
Decline Skulls: 40lbsx5x5
Front DB Raises (on Bosu): 10lbsx5x5
Calf Raises: BWx15x3 (five second hold at top)
Opposite Arm/Leg Lift: 2x10

Upped the intensity a tad. Added weight to the Sissy Squats, Flyes, Preacher Curls and the Skulls. Good workout today!


Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:13 am
by yadmit

- total time 30 mintues
- 6.0 incline
- Various speeds from 3.5 up 6.0 at my highest
- Total calories burned @ 378 (approx)
- Total distance was 2.01


Evertying happens for a reason....

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 9:17 pm
by yadmit
...and there is a reason I'm not working out today.

I was MCing a function last night which kept out of my bed till 3:00 this morning. I may have also had a few too many beer, not enough for a hangover, but enough to leave me just plain tired.

I had about four hours of sleep this morning and was really dragging my behind today. I felt much better by about 5:00 this afternoon and was all pumped and ready to get to the gym as I wasn't able to make the usual morning workout.

At 6:20 I pulled into the parking lot, scan my card for the back door to let me in (this is the usual, the back door is always locked but the front one is open during business hours). Now, keep in mind, the gym I go to and will be working at part time is small and caters to an executive sort of clientele, so it really shouldn't have surprised me when I walked in and the gym was dark, quiet and empty.

That quiet ended abruptly with the sound of alarms. A few phone calls later, the matter was cleared up and all was well.

On my way home I got to thinking it was probably a good thing I wasn't working out today. It's easier to explain to just a few why the alarm went off. Not so easy explaining why I have a big bruise on my forehead from an Olympic bar.

Tonight will be an off night and some rest. Tomorrow I'll be getting my CPR and work out in the evening.



Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 9:52 pm
by yadmit
Warm Up: Three minutes on the mini-trampoline


I got the sixth rep of 265 pounds off the ground, but my whole body stalled. Therefore, I decided to set it down before I hurt myself! That's the most weight I've lifted for reps. Tickled with myself.

Total weight lifted was 7795 pounds.

Heart rate hit about 140bpm.

Total time was about 35 minutes between changing weights and all that.


Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:28 am
by yadmit
Week Six/Day One

Start: 8:10am
Finish: 9:06am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the treadmill

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 100lbsx5x5 (I can up this)
Inc Ball DB Flyes: 20lbsx5x5 (I can up this)
Ball DB Hammer Curls: 12lbsx5x5
Close Grip Pushups: 5x5
DB Lat Raises (on Bosu): 10lbsx5x5 (I can up this)
Smith Squat: 80lbsx5x5 (I can up this)
DB Lunges: 15lbsx5x5 (I hate these)
Calf Raises: 3x15 (five second hold at top)
Oblique V-Up: 2x10
Leg Raises: 2x10

Good workout today... really felt a burn in the calves and the quads...


Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 10:33 am
by yadmit

I tried the cardiovascular workout program on the treadmill, didn't like it. I couldn't quite get it to do what I wanted... I gave it five minutes then did it my way.

Warm Up: Five minutes
Incline: 4.0
Speed: Varied with intervals between 3mph and 7.5mph. High intervals were about 60 seconds with the low intervals about 2:00 minutes
Distance: 2.24
Calories: 394
Total Time: 36 minutes
HR: 155bpm

Worked up a good sweat. Will try to study the treadmill more so I can figure out those programs on there.


Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:29 am
by yadmit
Week Six/Day Two

Start: 8:14am
Finish: 9:07am

Warm Up: 3:30 on the treadmill

Leg Press: 340lbsx5x5 (upped from last time by 20 pounds)
DB SLDL: 40lbsx5x5
Pull Ups: 5/5/4/3/3 (I do these from the Smith Machine as there is no chin up bar, therefore, I can't lower myself all the way down, still, much more of a challenge than chins.)
BB Bench: 80lbsx5x5 (I can up this)
OH Press: 55lbsx5x5 (this felt really heavy today)
EZ Bar Curls: 35lbsx5x5 (upped five pounds from last time)
CBL Pushdowns: 15kgx5x5
Ball Crunches: 15x2
Ant/Post/Lat Tilts: 10x2

Pleased with the upped weight on the leg press and the curls. I felt really spent when I was done. Restless sleep last night and probably not enough food this morning before hand. Felt good though...


Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:11 am
by yadmit
Week Six/Day Three

Start: 7:49am
Finish: 8:45am

Warm Up: 3:30 on the treadmill

Sissy Squats: 15lbsx5x5
Leg Xtns: 75lbsx5x5
BB Good Mornings: 65lbsx5x5
Inc DB Flyes: 25lbsx5x5
Preacher Curls: 40lbsx5x5
Dec. Skulls: 40lbsx5x5
DB Front Raises on Bosu: 12lbsx5x5
Hanging Leg Raises: 10x2
Ball Crunches: 10x2
Opposite Arm/Leg Lift: 10x2

This felt good... I had some DOMS in my biceps from Wednesday. Felt good to do the preacher curls anyway. The 40lbs was a nice challenge.


Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 10:53 am
by yadmit
Week Seven/Day One

Start: 8:13am
Finish: 9:07am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the treadmill

Supine Rows: BWx5x5
Machine Chest Press: 90lbsx5x5
Conc. Curls: 15lbx5x5
Stnding OH Extns: 45lbsx5x5
Monkey Curls: 15lbsx5x5
Hznt Leg PRess: 165lbsx5x5
BB SLDL: 80lbsx5x5
Crunch: 45lbsx20x2
Lying Side Leg Raises: 20x2

This will be the second last workout of this routine... normally I would do a full eight weeks, but my workout schedule is going to be all wacky with Easter here. Travelling and such will not be conducive to completing the workout. I will try to maintain some sort of routine though.


Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 10:05 am
by yadmit

Hit the treadmill

Total Time: 24 minutes
Warm Up: three minutes
Top Speed: 6.0 by 60 seconds twice
Distance: 1.59
Calories: 299
HR: Approx 144bpm

Not too terribly pleased with today. I've had a history with my knees. Now, they don't hurt, but they ache... does that make any sense? They haven't felt like they felt today in ages. They felt about the size of a football. I've had doctors look at this and they cannot find anything wrong.

So, I decided after the second 60 second run to drop the speed to 4.0 and just walk. A bit better, but not completely free of the weird feeling. I may make an appointment for this again, but with the luck I had last time, I'm a little leery.


Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 10:18 am
by yadmit
Week Seven/Day Two

Start: 8:06am
Finish: 9:01am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the treadmill

Lat Pulldowns (Wide Grip): 110lbsx5x5
Ball DB Flyes: 25lbsx5x5
Ball DB Hammer Curls: 15lbsx5x5
Close Grip Pushups: 5x5
DB Lat Raises: 12lbsx5x5
Smith Squats: 80lbsx5x5
DB Lunges: 15lbsx5x5
Smith Calf Raises: 100lbsx15x3

This is the last of the 5x5 for this round... taking some time off and then back at it on Tuesday with a high rep routine.

I like the 5x5 and the cardio effect I get from it.. really gets the heart racing. Be interesting to see if the poundages change with I go with the next routine.