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yadmit's journal

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 11:03 pm
by yadmit
I'm in between routines. Starting a new one on Wednesday with a lot of the idea from this site. It's a four day split, four on, one off. Looking forward to it!


New routine started today!

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 11:28 am
by yadmit
Week One/Day One

Start: 7:48am
Finish: 8:42am

Warm Up: Three minutes on treadmill

Lat Pulldowns: 5px8/7px8/10px8
Scapular Retraction: 3x10
Supine Row (on Smith Machine): 10/9/6
Preacher Curls: 25lbsx8/30lbsx8/35lbsx8
Conc Curls: 10lbsx8/15lbsx8/25lbsx8
Planking: two to almost failure
Opposite Arm/Leg Lift: 2x10

Thoughts: Spotted the last two reps on the concentration curls on my left arm. Good weight to start. I think if I do the planking with a stop watch, I won't be so tempted to quit before I can really get to failure. I'll give that a go.

Overall, felt good to get back to the gym after four days off. Goofy gym hours the next couple of weeks, so some workouts will be at home. Liked this workout...


Week One/Day Two

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:21 pm
by yadmit
Start: 7:49am
Finish: 8:46am

Warm Up: Three minutes on eliptical

Rotator Cuff stuff

BB Bench: 65lbsx8/85lbsx8/155lbsx7
Dips: 10/6/6
Incline DB Flyes: 15lbsx8/25lbsx8/30lbsx8
Decline Skulls: 35lbsx8/55lbsx8/65lbsx7
Bench Dips: 10lbsx8/10lbsx8/25lbsx8
Bicycles: 2x15
Weighted Crunches: 25lbsx15/35lbsx15
Stomach Vacs: 45sec/60sec

Thoughts: "Just because I can do six reps of a movement on the final set of four sets with my last routine, does not mean I can do eight on the final set of this routine." I know this, but it just needed to be stated. ha...

I felt this was a good workout... likely will feel it tomorrow.


December 22nd

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2005 11:31 am
by yadmit
Start: 7:05am
Finish: 7:49am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the mini-trampoline

Sissy Squats: 10lbsx8/10lbsx8/25lbsx8
DB Side Lunges: 10lbsx8/15lbsx8/20lbsx8
Ball Ham Curls: 3x15

Supine Ball Plank: 90 seconds/60 seconds
Opposite Arm/Leg Lift: 2x10

Thoughts: Did this at home this morning as the gym is closed today. Plus, I have to make a quick stop at Best Buy this morning... should be fun... quick workout... not too sure I got the best of it, but at least I did something. I'll likely feel the legs tomorrow though, due to the sissy squats.


A bit of a profile

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2005 6:37 pm
by yadmit
Never even thought of adding this information, but here goes...

Age: 38 year old male
Weight: 196lbs
Height: 5'11" or so
Goals: I'm doing this to be healthy. I'm not doing this to win any competitions, just be more fit than I have been in the past.
Training Since: February 2003. Since then I've seen my weight drop from about 220lbs to 182 and now back up to about 196. Along that way some muscle and fat lost and mostly muscle gained back.
Bests: Deadlift is at about 300lb 1RM. As for BB Bench Press, not sure what my 1RM is, but doing about 155lbs for eight reps on my final set.
Other: Since starting this fitness thing, I've taken a fitness leadership course and am looking at doing some training. I love weight training and try to bestow the virtues of it on those who will listen!


Here it is... December 24th...

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 1:14 pm
by yadmit
Did this at home today...

Start: 10:15am
Finish: 11:20am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the mini-trampoline

DB Shoulder Press: 10lbsx8/20lbsx8/25lbsx8
DB Upright Row: 10lbsx8/20lbsx8/25lbsx8
BB Rear Delt Row: 25lbsx8/45lbsx8/70lbsx8

DB Shrugs: 25lbsx25x2
Tick Tocks: 25lbsx25x2

Calf Raises: BWx50x2

Weighted Crunches: 25lbsx20x2
Leg Raises: 20x2

Thoughts: Felt this was a pretty good workout. The DB Shrugs with Tick Tocks can be a nice challenge!


December 26th (Boxing Day)

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2005 4:56 pm
by yadmit
Start: 1:52pm
Finish: 2:54pm

Warm Up: Three minutes on the mini-trampoline

Chins Between Chairs (or reverse pushups): 10/8/8
Scapular Retraction: 8/8/8
DB Good Mornings: 10lbsx8/25lbsx8/25lbsx8
Ball Back Extensions: 10/10 - hands @ head/10 - hands @ head
EZ Bar Curls: 20lbsx8/35lbsx8/45lbsx8
Swiss Ball P-Curls: 20lbsx8/35lbsx8/45lbsx5

Planking: 2x60 seconds
Side Planking: 30 seconds each side

Thoughts: Not too sure about the DB Good Mornings... a bit awkward. Rested the DBs on my traps... unless there is a less awkward way of doing these with DBs I may never do them again.

The Swiss Ball Preacher Curls were interesting... once I got the balance figured out, I was okay. Until then, well, let's say I'm glad I did this at home. It limited the amount of laughter I would have gotten at the gym.

Gym is open tomorrow.


December 27th, 2005

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2005 5:28 pm
by yadmit
Start: 12:16p
Finish: 1:12pm

Warm Up: Three minutes on eliptical

Rotator Cuff Stuff: Internal and External Rotations with band

BB Bench: 65lbsx8/85lbsx8/155lbsx8
Chest Press: 6px8/8px8/11px8
Push Ups (toes as fulcrum) on Ball: 3 sets of 10

Seated EZ Bar Tricep Extension: 35lbsx8/40lbsx8/45lbsx8
Smith Close Grip Presses (Incline): 65lbsx8/75lbsx8/80lbsx8

Hanging Leg Raises: 2 sets of 15 legs extended
Weighted Crunches: 25lbsx25/35lbsx25
Ball Obliques: 15lbsx15/15lbsx15

Thoughts: Didn't really get that "I can do no more" feeling... overall... after each set I think I did, but I wasn't exhausted when I was done today... need to feel that some more... did feel the burn in the triceps though... and the biceps were a little fried probably because I did the bis yesterday.


December 28th, 2005

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:49 pm
by yadmit
Start: 12:22pm
Finish: 1:16pm

Warm Up: Three minutes on treadmill

Leg Press: 180lbsx8/280lbsx8/510lbsx8 (PR)
Smith Squats: 40lbsx8/90lbsx8/140lbsx8
Side Lunges: 15lbsx8/20lbsx8/25lbsx8
Hamstring Ball Curls: 3x15
Single Leg Hip Raise: 2x6 each leg
Planking: 60 seconds/40 seconds
Side Planking: 35 seconds on each side

Thoughts: I think I got the "feeling" back. I was pretty beat following this today. I love leg day. That is the most weight I've pushed on the Leg Press. Mind you, it's on less set, so not sure I could have done the same on a fourth set. Tried Front Squats on the Smith Machine. Couldn't figure them out and they felt awful weird, so changed to regular Smith Squats.

It was a good day.


December 29th, 2005

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 3:57 pm
by yadmit
Start: 10:05am
Finish: 10:54am

Warm Up: Three minutes on eliptical

Arnold DB Press: 10lbsx8/12lbsx8/15lbsx8
Scott DB Press: 10lbsx8/12lbsx8/15lbsx8
Bent Over DB Row: 5lbsx8/8lbsx8/10lbsx8
DB Shrugs: 30lbsx30/30lbsx16/30lbsx20
Seated Calf Raises: 100lbsx20/100lbsx17/100lbsx15
Reverse Calf Raises (on LP): 40lbsx30/50lbsx23/60lbsx15

Bicycles: 25x2
Weighted Crunches: 35lbsx25x2
Stomach Vacs: 2x60 seconds.

Thoughts: None today. Tired.



Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2005 6:06 pm
by yadmit
I have never done a routine like I'm doing now, four days on, one day off, working body parts twice a week. I'm feeling the feeling.

Today was the one day off. I decided I needed to do some cardio, this was after some long thought on the subject.

I've been up since 3:00am, and got home around 1:30 this afternoon. I was exhausted. Not used to doing this shift anymore. All morning I was thinking when I get home I'll do some cardio. But, once I got home, I tanked. I was getting crabby and wanted to sleep. Tried, but the phone kept ringing and my son decided to go get some friends and bring them home. Then my wife called from our neighbours place and she was gonna go shopping. So much for the snooze. I vented and hit the bed for about 15 minutes. Guess that's all I needed.

Popped in my Keith Urban DVD and did standard cardio on the mini-trampoline for about 30 minutes.

I should sleep tonight.

Thoughts: I feel much better now, but I assume I'll be very groggy about 8:00pm or so. Back and bis tomorrow. Bring it.


New Year's Eve

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2005 1:04 pm
by yadmit
Well, after my power sleep last night, I feel much better... 11 and a half hours... wow.. should be able to see 2006 roll in I guess!

Here's what happened today:

Start: 9:59am
Finish: 11:05am

Warm Up: three minutes on the mini-trampoline

T-Bar Rows: 65lbsx8/90lbsx8/120lbsx5*
Scapular Retraction: 10x3
DB Pullovers on Ball: 5lbsx8/10lbsx8/25lbsx8
Back Extensions on Ball: 10 with hands at head/5lbsx10/5lbsx10
EZ Bar 21's: 25lbsx21/30lbsx21/40lbsx19
Hammer Curls: 10lbsx8/15lbsx8/20lbsx8
Planking: 2x60 seconds
Side Planking: 30 seconds each side:


* I use a towel around the bar as I don't have a handle at home. I also do not include the bar weight on these. I was placing the towel between the first and second weight, but figured based on leverage I wasn't really lifting the first weight, so I readjusted and moved the towel in front of all the weights on the last set. I think it made a bit of difference.

I felt today was a good workout and I had a better attitude going in today. On the 21's I was gonna go with just 35 pounds on the last set, but thought, why bother.. let's see what I can do with 40 pounds. Same sorta attitude on the Hammer curls. I was gonna do the last set with just 15 pounds, but had the same thought.

Chest and tris tomorrow!


Here we go.....

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 2:19 pm
by yadmit
Here it is.. first workout of 2006...

The gym is closed today, so this was done at home and offered some challenges.

First off, one of my goals for the next 365.25 days is to lower the ol' body fat... I would like to drop it to about 12% and am giving myself the next year. I use to measure my bf%. I assume it's not as accurate as other methods, but will keep a good idea of where I'm going.

As of this morning:

BF% was 16.85%
Lean Body Mass: 164.64lbs
Fat Mass: 33.36lbs
Height: 71.37 inches
Weight: 198lbs
Neck: 15 inches
Shoulders: 50 inches
Chest: 42.5 inches
Waist: 36.25 inches
Abdomen: 37.5 inches
Hips: 39.25 inches
Thigh: 24 inches
Knee: 15 inches
Calf: 15 inches
Ankle: 9 inches
Arm: 12.5 inches
Forearm: 11.5 inches
Wrist: 6.75 inches
BMI: 27.29 (apparently moderately obese - ya, right)
WHR: 0.92 (need to fix this - as it claims I'm at high risk)

The reason I'm looking at a year to get to 12% is because I have horrible will-power... sometimes... diet can be a real challenge for me. And I have to up my cardio some too... lucky if I do one session a week.


Start: 10:55am
Finish: 12:01pm

Warmup: Three minutes on the mini-trampoline
BB Bench Press: 65lbsx8/85lbsx8/155lbsx4*
Incline DB Flyes: 15lbsx8/25lbsx8/30lbsx8
Staggered Hand Pushups: 2x10 on each side
Close Grip DB Presses: 20lbsx8/30lbsx8/35lbsx8
Bench Dips (deep): 10lbsx10x3
Bicycles: 2x25
Weighted Crunches: 25lbsx2x25
Stomach Vacs: 2x60 seconds

Thoughts: *I am almost convinced my bar at home weighs more than I think... I've weighed it numerous times and it still says it's about 15 pounds. Whatever. The other challenge is my bench isn't as stable as the ones in the gym... a little wobbley, so I suppose some core work thrown in there too... thus the challenge with not reaching my goal of eight reps on the final set. Good excuse, right?

Overall, I felt this was a good workout... the tricep dips I found a good challenge as I was dipping deeper than I usually do at the gym.

Tomorrow is leg day! Woo-hoo!


January 2, 2006 (at home)

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2006 10:26 am
by yadmit
Start: 7:32am
Finish: 8:33am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the mini-trampoline

DB Squat: 20lbsx8/30lbsx8/45lbsx8
Sissy Squats: 10lbsx8/25lbsx8/25lbsx8
DB Side Lunge (45 degrees): 15lbsx8/20lbsx8/30lbsx8
BB SLDL: 65lbsx8/115lbsx8/165lbsx10

Supine Ball Plank: 2x60 seconds
Opposite Arm/Leg Lift: 2x10

Thoughts: Starting to think more why not? during my workouts, as in 'why not try the weight you think you might be able to lift?' Experiment a bit more with some weight and see. I now know I should have maybe added another ten pounds to the SLDLs.

Worked up a heck of a sweat today! Tomorrow the gym will be open and it's shoulder day!


January 3rd, 2006

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 12:16 pm
by yadmit
Start: 8:08am
Finish: 9:00am

Warm Up: Three minutes on the eliptical

DB Shoulder Press: 10lbsx8/25lbsx8/30lbsx8
DB Upright Row: 10lbsx8/25lbsx8/30lbsx8
BB Rear Delt Row: 45lbsx8/65lbsx8/95lbsx8
Burns: 8lbsx1:20/5lbsx1:10
Calf Raises on LP: 250lbsx25/250lbsx25/250lbsx25
Reverse Calf Raises on LP: 90lbsx25/90lbsx25/90lbsx25
Weighted Crunches: 35lbsx25/35lbsx25
Leg Raises: 15/15
Ball Obliques: 15lbsx15x2 each side

Thoughts: Calves burned. Whew... Nice challenge with the shoulders today...