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sci's big log

Post by sci » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:37 am

Hey all.
I'm an ordinary guy who has been training at home for a year or so and more recently at a gym, since last summer, on invite from some friends that already went there.
28 yrs
6 foot
12 stone/168 lb
Naturally lean/low bodyfat
Bench 85kg 1rm
Squat 100kg 1rm(projected)
Deadlift110+ 1rm(projected)

I've not done my 1rm for squat or deads yet, but I should know by the end of my current training cycle.

Up until now I've been training pretty much with size alone in mind amd truthfully not getting much in the way of results.
This journal will document a routine geared towards powerlifting, in fact it is inspired by the sample powerlifting cycle on this website.
5 weeks, 3 day split. With the edition of a fourth day for shoulders as I wouldn't mind adding a bit of size there.

My current training cycle/5 weeks:

squat 2x warmup + working sets
leg press 3sets x 6-12reps
dumbell alternate calf raise 3sets x 6-12reps
lying leg raise/crunch 3/4sets x failure

benchpress 2x warmup + working sets
incline press 3x 6-12
lateral raise 3x 6-12
dips/overhead dumbell extention 3x 6-12

deads 2x warmup + working sets
stff leg deads/rows 3x 6-12
pullups 3/4x reps to failure
curls/21's x3
crunches 3/4x reps to failure

shoulder press 4 setsx 6-12 reps
lateral raise 4x 6-12
1 arm bent over fly 4x 6-12
shrug 4x 6-12

the sets/reps for squat, bench and deads can be seen on the "off season power cycle" under "powerlifting" on this website.

I'm aiming to get my squat to 100 kg, my bench closer to 100kg and I'm certain my deadlift is over 100kg.

This is just a toe in the water right now, and I'm setting quite achievable goals but I will try to post my progress as often as I can. In truth I can't wait to get results so I can move forwards.

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Post by sci » Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:03 pm

trained last monday and ended up doing deads(day3) instead of squats(day1) as scheduled, as the squat rack was in use and had a queue!

deads warmup+ 85kgx10, 85kgx10, 85kgx10
bar rows 45kgx10, 47.5kgx10, 47.5kgx10
pullups(bodyweight) 5,5,5,4
21 curls 20kgx 3 sets

I found the deads quite manageable but wanted to ensure correct form.
By contrast the pullups were near impossible after deads and rows!
I'm pleased overall, as I felt just as fatigued as I would from training for size as normal(more sets and exercises). Especially as I had a bicep pump from only doing 3 sets of curls.

Benchpress day today.

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Post by sci » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:10 pm

trained bench-press this evening

bench 2xwarmup + 60kgx 3sets x 10reps(good form, no assistance)
incline dumbell press 20kgx 10, 22.5kgx 9, 20kgx 10
lateral raise 10kgx 6, 7.5kgx 10, 10kgx 6
parallel bar dips 3 sets x failure(10,9,9)

Again I feel like I could have benched heavier. I will try pressing 70kg for 8 perfect reps next week. Also maybe include dumbell tri extentions at the end for tri's.

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