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Re: mark74's log

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:42 pm
by mark74
8/2: C2W1D2 - DL
W/U: 40/50/60
W/S: 66/76(2)/86x7
Assistance: S/L Curls, Dying bug w/wall push, Stir the Pot, Curls+S/L balance on swiss ball, DB Curls

Got a brain hiccup and did 76 twice (boy that feels easier than I thought... oh wait), struggled to hit 7 on the top set and then failure it was. Also, dropped the down sets due to a discomfort in the outer part of my left knee. That reminds me that I've been icing my left shoulder on a somewhat regular basis for the past week, it's more than just soreness but not really pain, anyway it's consequence of the added workload, rotations and whatnot.

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:03 pm
by mark74
8/4 - C2W1D3 - BP
W/U 20/24/28
W/S 32/36/40x6
Assistance: DB BP on flat bench (8x2)x10x5, B/O DB Row 10x10x5, Ext Rots 3x20x5, Int Rots 6x20x3

Doh! Not only I did not improve my C1W2 rep max (that was 7), but fell short of it. I wonder what's up?

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:01 pm
by mark74
8/5 - C2W1D4 - Squat
Pre W/O: Stir the Pot, Dying Bug + Wall Push, Curls + holds on ball
W/U 36/46/56
W/S 60/68/78x10
Assistance: S/L extensions

Just before the top set I realized that my lower back was already tired from the core work. So I put on my belt and managed to push 10 reps, with probably at least 1 or 2 in the tank. Lower back was not so far from giving out though and my upper back kept unwinding and I had to briefly rerack the bar after rep 5 and rep 8 in order to reset the position.

If I want to keep doing 5/3/1 I need to get either some pillars of poverty or a half rack.

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:19 pm
by mark74
8/8 - C2W2D1 - Press
W/U 14/18/22
W/S 24/28/32 x6
D/S 22x10x5
Assistance: Pull Down 40x10x5, Single Arm DB Press 1.5x10+4x10+6x10+8x10+10x10+12x6+14x3+15x1, Lat Raise 3x10, F/L Raise 3x10, Ext Rots+Int Rots 4 ramped up sets each, to failure on E/R.

Even after the second espresso I was still feeling dozy today. Throughout the main lift I felt slow, uncoordinated and weak. However, when I only hit 6 reps on my top set, I got positively pissed off. So much that I kicked my friend, the swiss ball. Managed to control myself to a degree channeling my frustration and anger into assistance.

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:36 am
by mark74
8/9 - C2W2D2 - DL
Pre: Leg Curl+Hold on Ball
W/U 30/40/50/60
W/S 70/80/90x5
D/S 50x10
Assistance: Good Mornings

Another horrible work out, the quality of my sleep has been sucking royally as of lately. I started out late the session and had to cut it short, so little in the way of assistance. It didn't help my left knee felt funny after the first down set.

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:55 am
by mark74
8/11 - C2W2D3 - BP
W/U 20/24/28
W/S 34/38/42x4
D/S (DB) (12x2)x10x5
Assistance: Kroc Rows 25/40/30

I've been fiddling with all things sleep to try and improve quality. As a result I did sleep less than usual but also didn't feel as crappy during the day. Performance has yet to recover though. Pretty much pissed off but I try to keep composure to an extent.

More specifically, I'm not happy with the effectiveness of the standard 5/3/1 warm up routine for my BP and thinking about some changes. "Kroc" Rows are more interesting than the usual 5x10; I'm concentrating on starting the movement at the shoulder blade and generally being as strict as possible about form.

edit: fixed wrong date

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:02 am
by mark74
8/12 - C2W2D4 - Squat
W/U 40x5+56x5
W/S 64/72 + 82x9(Belt)
D/S 56x10
Assistance: S/L extensions, Curl+Hold on Ball, TGUs, DB Curl, BB Curl

I went for a reduced warm up and was relatively happy with the top set. Upper back felt much tighter and overall better than last week and didn't have to humiliate myself reracking. In the first down set I was alarmingly slooooooow, attempted a second set and racked it after 3 reps fearing an injury.

Talk about the stark contrast of the last few months VS my SL days, when I hardly ever failed a squat and was pretty confident about it. Those couple scary days back in june have hurt my relationship with the lift and a rack could be the right medicine.

Later in the evening I was feeling like a bag of bones and pain, and literally collapsed to bed. However I woke up around 5 am still feeling like rundown and couldn't get to sleep again so I watched some Treme until about 8 am, when my head felt sleepy enough to give it another try. Eventually I woke up at 12.45 but that wasn't uninterrupted sleep either.

Today is better but still beaten, the weekend's very welcome. I'm eating more than usual and my weight is stable, at about 76.7 when carbed up and 75.3 on my low carb days, with my body fat still slightly under the 20% mark the last time I checked.

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:14 pm
by mark74
C2W3D1 - Press
W/U 14x8/18x5/22x3
W/S 26x5/30x3/33x5
Assistance: One Arm Press, Pull Down, Tri Extensions, Ext Rots, Int Rots, Wall Slides

I'm playing with volume at low intensity trying to get a better warm up. Top set was numerically an improvement over last week but still sucked. However the O/A Press and Pull Down gave me a bit more satisfaction.

I've also made changes to the IF, adding a pre work out "meal", which for the time being is 1L of milk. Liquid food is not technically recommended but coming from total fasting, I shouldn't have problems with hunger or satiety.

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:16 pm
by mark74
C2W3D2 - DL
W/U 48x5/60x3
W/S 74x5/84x3/94x6
D/S 60x10x3
Assistance: Dying bug w/wall push, S/L Curl+Hold on Ball

Finally a workout that feels decent and is decent (well, sort of). Got myself a half-rack today, too.

Re: mark74's log

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:49 pm
by mark74
C2W3D3 - BP
Pre W/U: Shoulder Dislocations + Light B/O Row
W/U: 20x10/24x8/28x5
W/S: 34x5/40x3/44x5
D/S (flat): 28x10x3 (fast, felt a bit too light)
D/S (DB): (12x2)x10x2+1x8
Assistance: Kroc Rows, External Rotations

First BP day in almost five weeks that actually sets a new 1RM. "fv(k, yeah!"

For tomorrow's squat day, I'll have to come up with something because my old BB is too small for the new rack. Getting a new one is out of question for the moment (I'd like to get a full set to save on the plates). On a sidenote, I'm not that happy with the new toy, it's lacking in adjustability... OTOH the price was 60-75% less than all the other half racks and not all the expensive models were better than this one... so can't really complain about it, can I?

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Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:53 am
by mark74
C2W3D4 - Squat
W/U: BW Squat x10+Goblet 22x5+Squat 46x5+56x3
W/S: 68/78/86x8
D/S: 46x10x3
Assistance: TGUs ramping up to 16

Eventually I did not find any way to use the rack. Lower back held well and I set a goal of 8 reps. I felt like there could have been more in the tank but the the last 2 reps were increasingly slow, the last one basically a grinder. Upper back tightness was again a problem and reracked after 6 to reset position. Down sets were hard, the top set drained me.

I had in mind to do more assistance but time had run out. Maybe for the better as in the evening I had some curious early/delayed on-set soreness in my obliques and abs. Also today DOMS in glutes and hip adductors from the goblet.