Getting it Done

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Getting it Done

Post by CorlessJohnJ » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:01 pm

Today is tuesday today was legs. This is my first time back in the gym for awhile. Amazing workout seen a cousin of mine who happens to be on some gear and well he looks big minus his legs....poor guy well anyways heres the workout.

1x8 315 lbs
1x6 315 lbs
1x8 275 lbs
1x12 225
My time between sets was about a minute

I didn't count the first 8 reps of 225 I did to loosen up

D-bell Lunges
1x6x6 65 lb dbells
1x6x6 65 lb dbells <-----crazy tough cause of the squats
My time between sets was about 2 minutes cause I could barely breath

Standing Calf raise machine
1x12 137.5 lb
1x8 162.5 lbs
1x8 162.5 lbs
1x6 162.5 lbs

With the calf raises my time between sets was about thirty seconds

Seated calf raises
1x8 90 lbs (two plates)
1x8 135 lbs (three plates)
1x6 135 lbs
1x12 90 lbs

Seated Leg Curls
1x8 130 lbs
1x8 150 lbs<----lowered after this cause I felt my right patella tendon hurting.......that's a weird feeling
1x8 130 lbs
1x8 130 lbs

Rope cable crunches
4x12 80 lbs throughout tempo being 3,3

I supersetted the cable crunches with

Alternating Side bends
4x12 45 lb plate obviously I have to switch hand and each set is actually 24 reps but I know what I'm typing haha

After that trained some random female named nicole at the gym she asked me if I work there. How cute. haha

There was no cardio today minues the short rest periods between sets but I don't really consider that cardio I ran/ jogged 5 miles yesterday at a 9.5 minute mile pace before work.

Over all great workout sweat my ass off. This time there is no fear. There is no pain. Pain only exists if you acknowledge it. I don't fear cramping I don't fear failing. The fear of failure would and has resulted in failing so far. Not anymore. Game on.

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Re: Getting it Done

Post by CorlessJohnJ » Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:22 am

Chest and triceps

Incline DB Press
1x8 75lb dbells
1x8 75lb dbells
1x8 75lb dbells
1x8 55lb dbells <--- I was dead at this point that was very surprising I dropped down hoping to get 12...

one minute rest in between sets

Decline B-press On smith
1x12 225lbs actual 225 lbs not two plates the bar weight on the smith is actually 15 lbs compared to 45 normally
1x7 245lbs
1x6 235lbs
1x6 225lbs
1x8 195lbs<---another example of me being smokes and me not able to get the 12 I was aiming for

one minute rest between sets

Cable cross overs High Pulley
1x8 60 lbs each pulley
1x4 70 lbs<--Form failed after the fourth rep dropped back down to 60 got two more reps
1x7 60 lbs
1x7 50 lbs

Skull Crushers with easy curl bar
1x8 70 lbs
1x8 80 lbs
1x5 90 lbs > then 3 close grip bench press cause of no spotter
1x4 80 lbs > then 4 close grip bench press cause of no spotter

rest between sets about a minute

Body weight dips each set till failure
1x7 At this point completely smoked I must have looked like the worlds biggest pussy doing dips arms all huge and swollen and only busting out 9, 7, and 7 crazy.

Also my legs still being incredibly sore from leg day the day before I tried to get in some type of cardio its really a pathetic amount but at least I made an attempt. I biked a mile haha Yay go me... haha not.

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Re: Getting it Done

Post by CorlessJohnJ » Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:38 am

Back and Biceps

Shrugs with barbell<-- Super Setted with Seated rows
1x8 245 lbs
1x8 255 lbs
1x8 255 lbs
1x8 255 lbs last rep was slipping on the way down good thing I had the safeties on haha

Seated Rows Cable Close grip
1x8 150 lbs
1x8 150 lbs
1x8 150 lbs
1x8 150 lbs<--- Last rep of that set was a hold for....three seconds

Lat Pulldowns Wide grip<--- very cautious with this due to a broken seems to have healed
1x8 80 lbs Didn't feel that pop at all in my rib
1x8 80 lbs felt good again
1x8 90 lbs increase in weight still no pain
1x7 100lbs last two reps were about 85% complete rang of motion...
1x12 70 lbs

EZcurlbar Incline curls
1x8 70 lbs too easy
1x8 80 lbs about perfect
1x8 90 lbs....couldn't tell if my form was falling off
1x8 80 lbs....same with that set... im going to move around the bench to see the mirror next time

Pull overs W/EZ Curl bar<--- first time ever doing this workout not using a d-bell
1x8 50 lbs
1x8 60 lbs
1x8 70 lbs
1x8 80 lbs After this time I will be starting off with the 80....

Standing Cable Curls
1x8 120 lbs
1x7 130 lbs
1x7 120 lbs
1x6 110 lbs<--- I kicked my asssssss with these haha

D-bell shrugs
3x10 75 lbs

Alternating Hammer Curls
1x8 35 lbs
2x8 30 lbs

Over all a very not good workout. I even ran for a half mile on my sore ass legs tomorrow I will run for real and not pussy foot it.
I know why I disliked this workout and why I did so many damn sets and workouts. I didn't dead lift. I felt I didn't get a workout cause I didn't really tax myself. Not to mention I went to dennys after words for a post workout meal and it took them 30 minutes to get me some scrambled eggs with cheese and vegetables.....grrr frustrating ass day. Tomorrow is shoulders.

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Re: Getting it Done

Post by CorlessJohnJ » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:28 pm


Push Press
1x8 155lbs
1x7 155lbs
1x6 155lbs
1x8 135lbs <--- sadly disappointed at my lack of strength there. Obviously there is work to be done.
these sets were about a minute to a minute and a half rest time.... kicked my butt

Arnold D-bell press
1x6 ap of 45lbs 2 dbell presses. <---had to go to over head press i started too heavy
1x5 40lbs
1x6 35lbs
1x7 35lbs the push press smoked me...

Upright rows cable
1x8 90 lbs
1x8 100lbs
1x8 100lbs
1x8 110 lbs<-- felt amazing

D-bell reverse flys
1x8 20 lbs
1x8 20 lbs
1x8 25 lbs
1x8 25 lbs

D-bell front delt raises
3x8 15lbs

Also worked forearms directly

Barbell flexor curls <--- not sure if thats what its called....
1x10 45 lbs obviously thats an empty bar
1x8 65 lbs
1x8 75 lbs
1x8 75 lbs Pumped forearms felt amazing. Raising the bar figuratively and literally haha

Side bends for obliques
4x12 45 lb plate

Rope cable crunches
4x12 80 lbs tempo is very slow always burns the last few reps both the eccentric phase of the workout and the concentric phase done beautifully I love it haha

Also got on the treadmill had to run a bit before I could tan. 2.22 miles ran in 20 minutes I did walk some but I don't like treadmills that much prefer to run outside will run tomorrow morning 5 miles. Overall not a bad workout disappointed on weight lifted but that will change over time I have neglected my shoulders forever. Time to change that.

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Re: Getting it Done

Post by CorlessJohnJ » Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:55 pm

Tues 9/06/2011

Hang clean
1x8 155 lbs
1x4 155 lbs tweaked my left fv(k quad some how jesus......grrr also not sure on form

Barbell Dead Lifts
3x8 295 lbs
1x7 295 lbs

Barbell Shrugs
1x8 225 lbs
1x8 225 lbs
1x7 225 lbs
1x8 225 lbs

Seated Rows (cable)
4x8 140 lbs

wide grip lat pulldowns
2x8 100 lbs
1x8 90 lbs

Dbell pull overs with dbell
4x8 75 lb dbells

Incline Seated alternating dbell curls
2x8 35 lb dbells
1x6 35 lbs
1x6 30 lbs.....<---- kicked my ass

Standing 180 degree cable curls
1x8 40 lbs
1x8 50 lbs
1x8 50 lbs
1x8 40 lbs

Single arm cable curls
1x8 50 lbs
1x8 40 lbs
1x10 30 lbs

over all a great workout but got pissed off because of all the dumb ass kids standing around not doing anything. If you are gonna stand around talking at the gym go to your friends house and not be productive.

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Re: Getting it Done

Post by CorlessJohnJ » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:45 pm


Chest triceps and abs

Dbell flys
4x8 65 lb dbells<----So to answer your question stu....I don't believe I can do flys with the 75's lol

Standing Behing the head skull crushers
4x8 70 lbs<----this is the REASON my entire workout looks pussified. Killed me...LOL I know why I now usually throw in triceps after but unfortunately someone was occupying the decline bench and smith when I was going to do is so instead of standing around I did this workout first.

Decline barbell bench press smith
1x2 225 lbs<----epic fail man....hahaha hilarious week before i got 12 of that hahaha
1x6 195 lbs
1x8 195 lbs
1x6 195 lbs

Incline Bench press You can laugh I did while lifting the weight haha DAMN SKULLCRUSHERS!! AHAHA
1x8 95lbs!
2x8 115 lbs
1x8 105 lbs safe to say I kicked my butt, I didn't stop there though. I can't

Rope Triceps Pressdown
3x8 60lbs
1x8 50lbs havent been that weak there in awhile....

Weighted dips
1x7 20 lbs...that was to failure...triceps officiall deceased at the time Time of death...unknown hahaha

Machine seated crunches full extension
4x12 110 lbs

Rope crunches If you do not do these I recommend them because if you do them slowly through both phases with the perfect amount of weight by the ninth rep your abdominals are burning. It's a beautiful feeling
3x12 80lbs....would have been a fourth set but I went to get water and some dbag took the rope elsewhere...

Oblique side bends with a 45 lb plate
3x12 each side 45 lb plate

super setted with
Lumbar back crunches BW
3x10 bw

Overall another workout where in my journal it looks like I did a lot but I didn't feel like I did a lot. I was there about two hours. I don't care what the studies say about the best time to lift, lift within the hour etc etc etc....I do what I feel necessary to succeed and this is just the start. I LOVE THE GYM!!!

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Re: Getting it Done

Post by CorlessJohnJ » Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:38 pm

Barbell Deep Squat
1x250 lbs 12 reps
1x275 lbs 10 reps
1x295 lbs 8 reps
1x315 lbs 6 reps<---- awesome last set wonderfully awesome

barbell front squat
1x10 135 lbs
1x10 135 lbs
1x10 155 lbs
1x10 175 lbs<--- definitely a little uncomfortable did the cross grip on these

Dbell lunges

2x28 65 lb dbells 14 steps one way 14 back

Seated leg curls machine
1x130 lbs 12 reps
1x150 lbs 12 reps
1x170 lbs 12 reps
1x190 lbs 8 reps <---- thats the whole stack minus the fifteen lb increments.

seated calf raises
1x135 lbs 14 reps
1x135 lbs 12 reps
2x180 lbs 8 reps

standing calf raise machine
4x187.5 lbs 8 reps<----the entire stack on the calf raise machine...

my calves are STILL ad;flova;dfvn;d tiny. I am working on them.

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