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Teafan's Log

Post by teafan » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:08 am


I have been training "properly" since August 2010 when I started a new job and joined a local gym. Prior to this I had access to a small and silly works gym which featured only five machines and terrible ones at that!

My goals are strength/hypertrophy - I don't aim to be a "bodybuilder" as such but I want to become more muscularly defined.

My training psychology has largelly been based on "the big six"

I have had one issue which has held back my progress, namely discomfort in the scapular area, though I have largely remedied this now. This issue pretty much prevented me from doing push-ups and barbell bench press for nigh on 9 months and often prevented chest routines with higher weights. Other issues have been elbow discomfort and some lower back "niggles". These are sporadic but noted concerns to address.

My short term "lifting" goals are:

Progress towards 200kg Squat and 200kg Deadlift
Continue building up my "big" lifts via 531

My short term "visual" goals are:

Lateral Deltoid
General Back
Upper Chest (tie ins - as of 23.09.2011)
Rear Delts

My program overview is currently:

Monday - Chest and Triceps
Tuesday - Back and Biceps + Assorted accessory
Thursday - Back and Assorted accessory
Friday - Legs

My program in detail:

Incline BB Bench
Flat BB Bench
Inc DB Bench
Skull Crushers
Rope Pushdowns
Prone Trap Raise
Face Pulls
Cable Rotator Cuff

DB Row
Cable Row
Lying Ham Curl (just for volume - will be dropped/moved as DL progresses)
EZ Bicep Curl
Lateral Raise
Rear Delt Flies (Light)
Paloff Press

BB Row
Pull Ups
OH Press
Wide Grip Cable Row
Rear Delt Flies
Lateral Raise
Paloff Press

Straight Leg Dead Lift
Lying Ham Curl
Seated Ham Curl
Rotator Cuff Work

I fear my program is a little poorly balanced from an accessory point of view - I often feel like I'm doing too much volume and its causing strain on my elbow. But, either way, my main lifts are the priority - the accessory stuff can and will be dropped if my joints arent feeling it!

I often feel my OH Press has just been dumped wherever I have room - I sometimes cycle this between my second back day and my squat day on alternate weeks (i.e. Week 1 = Thursday, Week 2 = Friday).

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Re: Teafan's Log

Post by teafan » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:53 am

Monday - Chest & Triceps

For some reason, my elbows were screaming at me today - made me lift like a pu$$y.

I started off on some Incline DB presses, just 2 x20kg DB's, focusing on a good solid concentric to try and appease my 'bows. I tried to focus on the explosion a little more than I would usually. Straight sets of ten, thrice.

Few face pulls

Hit my Incline BB next - Barbell aggrivated my elbow so couldnt give it my all but still made sure I pumped out a 40, 50, 65 kg for 10,7 and 6. I always omit the weight of the bar so those numbers are worse than "reality". I actually dont know how much that bar weighs... 15kg?? Best check with Brandon tomorrow.

Next set was a "compromise" from my written 531 numbers... my elbows were juts not interested so I simply did what I could: 50,60,70 at 5, 5, 4.

Chucked some flat flies in at 2x12kg - 10
Chucked some incline flies in at 2x12kg - 10
Chucked some Machine flies in at 40kg - 10 x 2
I like this machine but I usually do more DB flies
I also tried the overhead cable flies that Nygmen recommended - liked them! Did 3 sets of 10 x 15kg

Some additional Face Pulls appeared at some point
Some Rotator Cuff work with an 8kg DB - couple of sets of "Knocking on a door" and a couple of sets of "Pulling the knife out of my chest". I will remember their names another time.

Did a couple of sets of Prone Trap Raises - 2x8kg - 10, 9 - simply because they make my shoulders feel good! (I like to dop some light back work when I do my chest, it seems ot help my shoulders out)

Did some Rope Pushdowns and a few dumbbell skull crushers just to remind me that today was supposed to be Chest & Triceps (but ended up as a mess). Elbows felt good after the pushdowns.

Post workout notes:

Dissapointing - need to explore causes of elbow problem... am I doing too much volume on my back??? *I do my back twice a week (see program details in first post).

Fingers crossed my elbows are better for tomorrow's workout - deadlift day is becoming a favorite of mine :wink:

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Re: Teafan's Log

Post by teafan » Tue Sep 27, 2011 7:54 am

Tuesday - Back Day 1

Elbows feeling better but still sulking - decided to ease off a couple of excercises today and replace them with something more elbow friendly.

I did some tennis elbow excercise using a couple of 8kg bells - I dont know what they're called but you basically hold one in each hand with your palms facing down and then rotate them slowly.

Started with some dumbbell shrugs @ 20kg, 40kg and 60kg for ten reps
Second, cable rows with the V grip - 3 sets opf 75kg @ 8, 7 and 8 then a further two sets at 35kg for ten reps. Really like the squeeze on light sets.
Third, some light wide grip pulldowns - two sets of ten at 35kg

Main lift - Deadlift (I've decided to include the weight of the bar now...)

5 x 110, 3 x 120, 3 x 135kg

Deload next week

Did a couple of sets of Lying Ham Curls - I try to force my hips into the bench by squeezing my glutes and feeling the curl in the hams. The hams part is ok, the glutes part is tricky!

Did a couple of sets of hyperextensions with a 10kg plate - two sets of 8 reps

Three sets of Rear Delt Flies (On the reverse pec dec machine) - two sets at 35kg and two at 20kg. Lighter than usual but trying to focus on the squeeze.

Finally, did a ramped set of Lateral Raises - 2 x 8kg, 10kg, 12kg - 10, 8, 5 and then proceeded to go back down the rack for an average of five per dumbbell. My shoulders felt like they were going to explode!

I did a single set of Paloff press per side, held for fifteen seconds - that was randomly chucked in because they make me feel good!

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