Anatomy of a successful training program- for prospects

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Anatomy of a successful training program- for prospects

Post by jas » Mon May 21, 2007 7:19 pm

I created this to promote the benefits participating in clubs fitness assessment offers. Many clients have no idea what it is... a direct/practical short intro usually grabs their attention.. next comes the trainers personality to seal the session.


Good day,

Anatomy of a successful training program:

Hope my email finds you and your family well. Just wanted to share practical information. 'Fail to plan then plan to fail'.. Is very true when it comes to meeting and exceeding personal fitness goals. Whether it is bodyfat reduction, strength gains, increase in flexibility,rehabilating a injury or overall health.

Without proper assessment of our total current physical conditioning we can overlook muscle imbalances and weaknesses that have been preventing us from reaching any noticeable progress. The cycle of joint aches, back strains and muscles over compensating for weaker ones will continue. Corrective exercises can only be prescribed after a proper total assessment by a professional fitness trainer.

Anatomy of a success training program begins with a current fitness assessment: Afterwards a customized program will be initiated based on exercise science principles not to mention commonsense: Example of a solid workout plan....

Optimize results by working in all anatomical planes:
Sagittal Plane- divides the body into right and left portions. e.g. bicep curls, tricep kickbacks
Horizontal/Transverse Plane- divides the body into upper and lower portions. e.g. horizontal seat rows, chest press
Frontal Plane- divides the body into front and back. e.g. lateral shoulder raises, side hip bridges
Circumduction/Rotary: Cross all planes- chop lift, trunk rotation with band, airplane pose (my specialty)

All workouts can be summed up with the following acronym ' S.A.I.D. Specific Adaptation to Impose Demands' - this is how we reintroduce stimulus to deconditioned muscles. For example by activating/stretching your inner thigh and outer glutes muscles you will notice a increase of control/balance while perfomring squats or even walking up a flight of stairs.

Our outside physical appearance is like the tip of a iceberg if you really want to know our true state of conditioning we need to look deeper. The foundation of the iceberg is below the surface and so is your success. Developing a solid and balanced exercise foundation in the early stages will lead to long term results I love proverbs and this describes the importance of assessmetn 'A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.'

Integrate a sensible nutrition plan, proper rest, resolve and guidance from a experienced trainer and you have a plan to succeed.

Results can be life changing.. here is what you will experience- increases functional strength and conditioning, naturally increased metabolism, enhanced sport specific performance, neuromuscular activation, reduced stress, improved circulation, body fat reduction, postural alignment, challenge and enjoyment.

Also remember, Your goals are the most important variables to a successful training strategy.

To begin, submit Fitness Foundry Goals & Assessment Form

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Julio A. Salado, C.P.T.
Fitness Foundry
Certified Personal Trainer
Assess, Initiate, Motivate "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person
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