No Club :( No Problem :)-Marketing to prospects

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No Club :( No Problem :)-Marketing to prospects

Post by jas » Sat Jun 09, 2007 9:14 pm

Good day,

I just wanted to share this marketing email/flyer I created . Bit of background - some clubs will not allow you to promote your business under their roof- However- they will be more than happy to accept paying nonmember clients you find on your own time. So how does one balance their own ambition of starting up their own training business without jeopardizing the job at the club. One way is to ask questions about the clubs policies and build from there. Honesty is good.

I currently do NOT own a gym to train clients- but I have invested a lot of time networking with local clubs in hopes of using their facility- with perservearance and my proven track record of client success at other clubs -I realized that one can build their own business in the shadow of an already successful establishment. Knowledge of your service/craft is key to seperate you from all other trainers!

End result is financial gain for both parties and increase of clientele/prospect for you.

If a club sees that you are an entrepreneur, openminded, ambitious, personable and lastly an effective/focused trainer - they will make an offer.

To spread the word of my services (not using the clubs marketing dept) I have to invest lots of off hours in promoting my service.. hence this email/flyer....

best of success.. Julio A. Salado Fitness Foundry

Fitness Foundrys' NEW intensive 12 weeks (24) sessions all inclusive training package. It requires a committment of (2) days per week but the benefits can be for a lifetime. Space is limited - Reserve your place NOW!!

Here is a snapshot of what is included...

NEW 12 Weeks Inclusive Training Package!!!
Includes Club Membership for 3 Months!!*
Total 24 (60) minutes sessions
* 2 sessions per week (requirement)
* Includes (1) free Body composition & Assessment session
* Personalized Strength and Conditioning Program
* Body transformation through interval training
* Nutrition Journal
*Coupons for discounts on Sports Massage and Small Group Training
*Club located in Boston

To begin and for more information go to
and submit: Fitness Foundry Goals & Assessment Form (click link)

Question...What can one achieve in (12) weeks? Here are some things you WILL experience..

Elevated metabolism, improved VO2 max, muscle flexibility and strength gain,reduced stress, increase bone density, stronger joints, improved circulation, body fat reduction, postural alignment... to name a few.

Strength & Conditioning training is the most effective way to turn your body into a fat burning machine. It is the most productive form of exercise for functional daily life activities and overall health. Our success will be built on universal strength training principles. The four most critical factors are nutrition, progressive overload, intensity, and recovery.

Schedule a body composition and assessment session today. Setting a date and time IS very helpful. This solidifies your intention and brings you in contact with fitness professional. Fitness Foundry will develop a customized training program based on exercise science, injury prevention and most importantly your goals.

Witness the results and experience the benefits of investing in yourself. Fitness Foundry training, a design for healthy living.

To begin and for more information go to
and submit: Fitness Foundry Goals & Assessment Form (click link)

Fitness Foundry Home Page

That's all.. take care.

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