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Bodhi Tree Pose- Yoga & Strength Training

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:26 pm
by jas
Hope my posting finds you well. Its been a while since I last posted here and wanted to resurface with some of my new techniques. I have been integrating exercise science, eastern holistic arts,physics, injury prevention into my training regiment. Here is one of my exercises I perform with clients who pass the assessement.medical background check.

Be well and stay ACTIVE!
Julio A. Salado, AFAA & NASM C.P.T Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living.© Certified Personal Trainer Assess, Initiate, Motivate

Excerpt from 'Maximum Boost Workout ebook' by Julio A. Salado. Fitness Foundry.

Introduction to Bodhi Tree pose (modified):

Why begin with a Yoga Asana (pose)?

Fitness Foundry strongly believes that we first learn the movement or form of the exercise without adding resistance or speed. This creates a solid understanding of the form, execution of the exercise and develops mind body connection. The goal is to achieve neuromuscular activation and increase motor-unit firing for our de-conditioned muscles.

The original yoga tree pose posture is designed to isometrically condition our muscles, strengthen the joints and most importantly align the body. The tree posture also introduces single leg balance and stability that also helps correct muscles imbalance. ( synergistic and dominant muscles) Added benefits of regularly doing this exercise are increased flexibility and strength in your ankles, knees and hips. While performing this exercise/pose you will also promote blood circulation to all the organs, glands and tissues, providing all bodily systems with oxygenated blood. Maximum Boost Workouts wants to maximize your body potential by harmonizing all systems of the body. The progression from this exercise is the BodhiTree Pose.

Set up with original Yoga Tree Pose and do the following. (for original Yoga Pose-visit my site)

Bodhi Tree Pose with Medicine Ball Press Frequency: 3 Sets Repetitions 8 Intensity: Hold position without losing form. 1 Kg ball Timed: Pause for 2 seconds when ball is extended . Inhale on return. Progress to Bodhi Twisted Tree. Setup. Movement: Hold medicine ball at chest height with elbows tuck by your sides. Inhale; shift the your weight onto your left foot... Exhale bend the right knee, simultaneously rotate the knee to your right side while gently placing the sole of your right foot as high as possible into the left inner thigh, with toes pointing down. Continue to move your right knee to the right side while contracting your buttocks muscles in and keeping your tailbone tuck forward.

Stabilize the position and with your next inhale slowly press the ball forward. Ball is to remain at chest height and both arms should be same level. Slowly stretch your arms out in front of your chest Pluck the back and lift the chest and look straight ahead. Return back to starting position with the ball in front of the heart. Repeat this on the other side. Draw in in your navel . Focus on form.

Finish: Relax from the position , slowly exhale and lower raised ball to waist height. Next return raised foot to the floor. Do not press until you can hold the pose comfortably for about 30 seconds on each side.

Trainer's Tips: If you are unable to raise the left foot high inside the right thigh, rest it lower

on the right leg -- be mindful to not place the left foot directly on the right knee. Be aware that the tailbone has a tendency to posterior tilt. To prevent this from happening, draw in the navel back and up. This will create a neutral spine. For better alignment, focus and visually connect the feet, tailbone, top of the head and hands.

Correct form and total body alignment requires concentration not strength. Resulting in a deepening of our mind body connection. Lastly, moving with a slow tempo requires even more control, focus and breathing. This will lead to neuromuscular activation muscle memory, injury prevention and self-efficacy.

Julio A. Salado, AFAA & NASM C.P.T Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living.© Certified Personal Trainer Assess, Initiate, Motivate