Musicians,Neck Pain & Fitness

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Musicians,Neck Pain & Fitness

Post by jas » Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:04 pm

Good day,

The philosophy and exercises are from page 25 in 'Maximum Boost Workout' eBook by Julio A. Salado C.P.T

If you are a musician or someone who uses the computer alot then 'Postural Distortion Pattern' will sound familiar.

Here is a small essay I wrote to shed light on this reversible condition.

Musicians, Neck Pain and Fitness:

Exercises are from Maximum Boost Workout© eBook Page 25

‘Mindful Exercise Prescription for:

Musicians-Computer Users-Students-X Gamers-Athletes-Cross Trainers-

Fitness Instructors and Serious Beginners’

Musicians often complain of neck pain, lower back tightness and shoulder tension. Usually it is due to specific muscles being overworked, overextended for long periods of time. Musicians tend to play their instruments for long durations making them more susceptible to this chronic condition. Eventually, the muscle tissue will become damage from this overload creating a kinetic chain dysfunction. End result is a destabilization of your postural equilibrium and body ability to functionally move efficiently.

Some of the physical characteristics are kyphosis (forward tilting head), limited range of motion with shoulders, shoulders constantly elevated, lordosis (lower back arches), neck pain, upper back tension and stress. If left untreated the condition will create more muscle imbalances which can alter the joints motions in the body.

You can be at risk if you are repeating a specific movement for long durations. Examples of a repetitive movement are playing guitar, piano, operating a computer mouse, hair styling, baseball pitcher etc.

The good news is that you can begin to reverse this process and ensure many more quality years of playing. The answer is in exercise, stretching and breathing (Health and Fitness.)

Some of the best exercises and stretches for this condition are those that target your shoulder’s rotator cuff and shoulder blades. The usage of resistance bands will increase the strength of your muscles and stimulate growth through constant tension. Resistance tubes are low impact, effective and challenging. The results will be an increase in flexibility, extensibility, muscle memory, improvement in range of motion, enhanced muscle conditioning and even caloric expenditure.

By performing the exercises in its full range of motion you will be stretching and strengthening opposing muscles including ligaments and tendons. Alleviating the muscle dominance and begin to reverse the postural distortion pattern.

Please Note: There is a synergy between natural or diaphragmatic breathing and postural alignment, cardiovascular efficiency, joint restrictions and muscle imbalances (flexibility, tension). You can learn more about natural breathing at .

These exercises are from Maximum Boost Workout©. For Picture please visit

Resistance Band Exercises:
Frequency: 3 Sets 8-12 Repetitions
Intensity: Medium Tension Tube
Time: 3-4 days per week.


Lateral raises: Palms facing in. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and place middle piece of the resistance band under your feet as you hold the handles in your hands. Slowly raise your arms out to the side until you reach shoulder height. Slowly return to the starting position. Lessen the tension by bringing feet in closer.

Frontal raises: Palms facing down. Same starting position. Slowly raise your arm upward until you reach shoulder height. Slowly return to the starting position.

Drawn Sword: Targets external Rotators and multi planar.
Stand on band so tension begins with arms at sides. Cross arms and change hands position. Right hand on left handle, left hand on right handle. Pull upwards in an arc until your elbow is aligned with shoulder and wrist is ear height. Reverse movement and repeat.

Trainer’s tip: Back is straight and the tempo is slow. 2 seconds in up phase 3 seconds in down phase. Keep elbow bent at 90 degrees (shoulder height) Focus on form and it should take you 3 seconds to return to start position

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Fitness Foundry's Maximum Boost Workout Book© vol.1 is an unparallel workout for developing deep muscle stabilization, core development, balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance and strength. A Seamless integration of western exercise science and eastern holistic arts.

Fitness Foundry© is unique because of its seamless integration of exercise science and Yin & Yang universal principles -our focus is specifically for developing Movement, Performance, Skill and Self-Efficacy.

Julio A. Salado, AFAA & NASM C.P.T.
Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living©.
Assess, Initiate, Motivate

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