SMR Foam Rolling Techniques

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SMR Foam Rolling Techniques

Post by jas » Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:12 pm

Good day,

I wanted to share with you my latest essay that I sent out to my clients. It is my responsibility as a fitness professinal that my clients recieve a complete training program. This includes muscle recovery and regeneration.

It is my experience that most members of sports clubs do not spend time stretching,warming up, cooling down and even more important -foam roll.

Please find a basic outline on SMR foam rolling.

EXRX is the best!

Excerpt from Maximum Boost Workout© Book SMR Foam Roll Techniques Page 17:

Self Myofascia Release (SMR) Foam Roll:
Self Myofascia Release - Myo refers to muscle, fascia to the tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers. By applying pressure on tender areas along the muscle tissue, the golgi tendon organs help trigger the relaxation of the muscle spindles, helping to dissipate the adhesions, increase blood flow, and enhance overall movement.

>The foam roll is a great recovery tool for all training programs.
>Correct muscle imbalances
>Prevent injuries through improved muscle extensibility
>Improves postural alignment & hip mobility
>Promote blood circulation
>Foam roll at home & increase muscle recovery and regeneration.

Foam Rolling General Guidelines:
>Perform before & after workouts (including stretches).
>Focus on learning the movement.
>Stay sensitive to each roll & stop rolling when pain is felt.
>Stop & remain on tender area for 20-45 seconds. Rolling will increase tightness and pain.
>Keep your navel draw-in when foam rolling. This will keep your body stabilized throughout movement.

Optimize your body muscle recovery ,regeneration and neuromuscular efficiency.
While performing techniques if a adhesion is located, stop rolling and rest on the tender point until pain decreases by 80%.Foam roll each area for 1-2 minutes.Pace is slow and controlled.

For more information on SMR foam rolling please visit

Be well and stay ACTIVE!!

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