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Scapular Protraction/Retraction during Seated Cable Rows

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 4:24 pm
by EdT
A chiropractor and I are in a heated debate. He says that -- during seated rows -- you should always isometrically contract the shoulder girdle muscles so as not to allow for protraction.

I say that allowing for protraction (at the end of each rep) will strengthen the girdle muscles more -- moreso than this isometric contraction would.

He says that protraction (during rows) is dangerous because it puts the supraspinatus in a bad position, rubbing up under the acromion process.

Any thoughts on this?


Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 5:27 pm
by standAPART
I kinda agree with him...BUT it depends on the formation of the acromium process. And thta is what you should debate iwth him. A extremem curvature of the acromium process is deems a Type 3 and that formation is genetically determined and in some cases of serious deviated posture. However, we don't know what our bones look like without getting an x-ray!
So his suggestion is a precautionary measure. I think that some protractioni (with retraction) should be trained though for proper ROM.