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Bench Press: Possible Shoulder Problems?

Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:14 am
by Crow
I had read a discussion some time ago about pain in the shoulder from doing bench press...

I knew about the possibility do develop an impingement when doing flat bench press with upper arms in a 90°-angle from the torso. The tendons and ligaments between the humerus and the fixed scapula are squeezed when the humerus moves down in the mentioned angle.
Is it possible that the head of the humerus (the glenohumeral joint?) is also pressed upward into the anterior part of the shoulder causing pain there? The fixed scapula would be a pivot in this situation I guess?

Is the same situation possible, due to weak rotator cuff muscles, when someone benches with his upper arm in a lower angle (say 45° - 70°)? Or when, using dumbbells and moving the elbow deeper than possible with a barbell?

I hope I used the correct terms to describe what I want to know... to summerize it... Are my thoughts about the situation correct? Or can someone help me to understand how it works or provide a link where the possible problems concerning the shoulders due to bad form are explained?

Thanks in advance!