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Serratus anterior muscle

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:07 pm
by trapezoidcomplex
Heey whats up? I would like to know from other people what do you do for the working of this muscle? Specific strengthening and functioning of it and maybe some hypertrophy of it. General compound exercises or isolated actions for it to get it very active and become strong.
I made a general topic concerning the rhomboid muscles and trapezius muscles during shrugs and rows.
It kinda ties in to that as well, i did have a muscle problem with my mid back and chest, internal rotator strength balance ect and i know that the serratus anterior is very important for posture and scapular balance, upward rotation and keeping your shoulder blades up against the ribcage.
What i have found is that many people have an inactive serratus anterior and doesn't function well or the strength ratio between the rhomboid muscles and serratus anterior is off. The rhomboid is tight overactive and is pulling the serratus anterior maybe causing winging or pain, shoulder impingement and pulls the shoulder blades into a downwardly rotated state. Anyhow i think mine can use some more work, specifically my right side(I am right handed). Don't be shy I would like to know other people's perspective and experience on it thank you!

Re: Serratus anterior muscle

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:51 am
by stuward
I find heavy Turkish Getups hit that area very nicely. Push ups work too.

Re: Serratus anterior muscle

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:36 am
by trapezoidcomplex
Hey thanks for reply! I will have to look up turkish get ups and I currently kinda do push ups, more of like the serratus push ups aka push ups plus/scap push ups with scapular protraction. I was doing dumbbell pullovers before and i read and seen many debates discussing the actual effectiveness of the pullover. That it may not even hit the serratus anterior and doesn't serve its functions.

But from doing them it kinda seemed to make my serrati muscles hypertrophy and stick out more, i don't know about strength wise though. I read stuff like "most people mistake the feeling of pec minor or teres major for the serratus anterior" ect ect. I also dont exactly want to work my latissimus dorsi muscles either just yet or pec minor.
When i went see my physio therapist he kinda said that anterior/chest stretching wouldn't even be necessary because my lower trapezius and middle trapezius/rhomboids were so strong that it "pulled me down" a bit but for me it would seem i still have a little bit of rounded shoulders and an anterior tilt, anterior glide and its worse in my right shoulder. I seen by video of me doing push ups and by word of mouth that i have no scapular winging at all. Also my left side seems more stronger and is definitely more prominent.

Exercises i have been doing for them are push up plus flat ground, with feet elevated on stairs, shoulder raises, normal over head press/shoulder pressing with added focus on elevating my shoulder blade, front raises with band or dumbbells, doing up ward rotation stuff over head like face pulls and a scaption movement but bring both my arms from parallel then move over my head. I do a mix of these exercises from 2 the least to 4x a week and i also try and stretch my chest(major, minor) with my anterior delts, lats and rhomboids and do bicep stretches almost daily.