Paralysis by analysis...

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Paralysis by analysis...

Post by Russgr » Thu Jul 26, 2018 10:17 am

Well, not quite but I can see the signs up ahead...
First, the vitals:
Age: 63
Ht.: 73"
Wt.: 217
General Health: Overall good. Former smoker (over 10 years off the cigs), COPD, Type 2 Diabetes, osteoarthritis in thumbs & left shoulder. Ride a recumbent bike (a real bike, not an exercise bike) 15 - 20 miles per day. Recently joined a fitness club (just over 1 month ago). Living in South Florida.

SO, here goes... I've been fighting Type 2 Diabetes for a few years now; a few months ago I saw my doctor and told her about a study I'd read about (out of the UK I believe) that concluded that patients who lost 33 or more pounds basically cured their T2 Diabetes. My Dr. had read the same study and we resolved try it. I was at 248 lbs when I started; began riding regularly and watching my diet and lost 25 pounds. At that point I kind of plateau'd, and joined a fitness club. I had lifted before a few years ago and enjoyed it, but had to stop for various reasons. So, now I'm lifting again and riding my bike. A word about my work schedule... it's not ideal. I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12 hrs/day (0600 to 1830 (I know, that's 12.5 hrs, the extra .5 hrs is lunch, don't nitpick!)). Anyway, that gives me a 4 day window for fitness. I've been riding and lifting every day, alternating Upper body and Lower body with core every day. I do 1 set of everything w/8-12 reps until volitional fatigue (per guidelines I've read about here on I try to concentrate on compound exercises rather working isolated muscles, but some things are, of course, isolated by nature (biceps, forearms, calves, etc.). So far, so good, but gains (or losses, as it were!) are becoming incremental.

I'm afraid I'm overtraining, or overlooking some aspect of training.

Goals are in flux. At first, I wanted to get down to 175 and then start to bulk up, but the opportunity to join this fitness club came along and I said why not? The more the merrier, right? Well, maybe not, but I don't know. I figured burning the xtra calories by pumping iron would help me lose weight, but of course I'm increasing muscle mass when I lift, so things seem to equalize themselves.

Am I doing too much? Trying too hard? Is patience the answer or should I go out and kill something (a joke, a joke, just something from my past. Some of you may remember...)? Have I given you enough info? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Powerlifting Ninja
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Re: Paralysis by analysis...

Post by Kenny Croxdale » Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:06 am

I do 1 set of everything w/8-12 reps until volitional fatigue (per guidelines I've read about here on
Periodization Training

Someone new to training can push everything to failure or near to it. However, it is eventually counter productive.

At some point, a Periodization Training need to be implemented for optimal results.

Periodization Training is a cyclical program in which you progress each week, with the final week going to failure or close to it.

Once that happens, you drop your training load/percentage down and start over with a weight that is fairly easy and work you back up to a new personal best on your exercises

The Training Objective of Periodization Training

Stress your muscle each week with the final week being an all out effort.

Then allow them to recovery by dropping the load/percentage. Recovery is where growth occurs.
I'm afraid I'm overtraining, or overlooking some aspect of training.
Continuing to push to failure during each training session eventually lead to "Overreaching" in which going backwards.

"Overreaching" means you are means you have slightly "Overtrained". The cure for "Overreaching" it to drop the load/percentage to something easy and then progressively increase the load each week, until you max out, then repeat the process; dropping the load and working back up past it.

"Overtraining" is a long term effect that occurs when you push each training session to the max. It takes week for someone who has "Overtrained" to come back; "Would Healing", the greater that trauma, the longer the recovery time required.
Am I doing too much? Trying too hard?
Most Likely, Yes

Periodization Training is one of the keys for success with exercise and a weight loss eating program. It has to do with...

The General Adaptation Syndrome

The body adapts to exercise and calorie intake. Once adaptation take place, progress stops.

Thus, one of the key for exercise is Periodization Training along with varying your exercises.

With a weight loss eating program, research has demonstrated that decreasing your calories approximately 20% for two weeks and then going back to your body weight maintenance calories, ensure muscle mass is maintained and greater fat loss occurs.

Alternating between maintenance and calorie deficit every two weeks trick the body into burning more calories, losing more body fat.

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Re: Paralysis by analysis...

Post by Valentin01 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:26 pm

Diabetes is a grave disease in which sugar levels and glucose in the blood become too high. The main sources of glucose are from the foods you consume. Insulin is a fundamental hormone that helps glucose to go into the cells and supply them with energy. The fundamental two kinds of diabetes are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with . in sort 1 diabetes the body can’t deliver insulin. With type 2 diabetes the body is not able of producing and use insulin. In the deficiency of insulin, glucose stays in the blood and the level of blood sugar rises. Diabetes can harm the eyes, nerves and kidneys, heart ailment and stroke too.

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