Resurrecting your Clients' New Year's resolution.

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Resurrecting your Clients' New Year's resolution.

Post by jas » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:03 am

This is an article I posted in the club I train. It is a gentle reminder that a new year's fitness resolution can be renewed daily.

Resurrecting your New Year's resolution.

We have all done this. The first of the year becomes the date that I will work out 3 times a day for 40 mins and completely adhere to a 900 calories per day diet. Think again, many times we set ourlselves up for disappointment.

Overtraining may lead to decrease of lean muscle with an increase of injury. Fad diets depletes the body of nutrients and rarely have long term results. The 'magic bullet diet' begins with a cycle of quick 'weight loss' that is followed by a 'rebound' weight gain once you resume normal eating habits. Discouragement sets in and we abdandon our goal for 2007.

If you are reading this article than you are ready to jumpstart your resolution. Strength and conditioning training is the most effective way to turn your body into a fat burning machine and overall health

Today, is the day you become active in your quest for a healthier body. Here are some tips that requires minimum effort but will maximize your time. Remember these two gems...'the best investment is in yourself' and 'T.I.M.E', 'Things I Must Earn'.

Here are some suggestions..

Assessment: Schedule a body composition and assessment session with your club. Setting a date and time IS very helpful..This solidifies your intention and brings you in contact with a fitness professional. Fitness Foundry will develop a customized training program based on science,injury prevention,hollistics and most importantly your goals.

Initiate: Your training begins once you completed your body composition and assessment session.. After reviewing your goals and current fitness a exercise prescription will be ready. This will include preworkout and post workout stretches, strength and conditioning exercises, cardio programs and nutrition for optimal results.

Motivate: The rest of your 23 hours should be enhanced by what you accomplished in the gym. Part of our job is to be available to answer questions regarding post workout recovery and feelings. We will remain resolute on goals and will provide you with relative training information and progress reports to keep you motivated.

Personal Training is a team effort. We will both share in the excitement of embarking on a new challenge. Witness the results and experience the benefits of investing in yourself, resurrect your New Year's resolution today!

Julio A. Salado, C.P.T
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Foundry

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