Pre & Postworkout tips for prospects

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Pre & Postworkout tips for prospects

Post by jas » Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:17 am

Please find my latest marketing essay for new prospects and for others looking to maximizing their body's potential..

Being a trainer we all see how many members invest hours of training but yield little results. The truth is that they have an incomplete program.. giving information and highlighting the importance of nutrition is key for long term results.

Hope you find this information useful. It is basic nutrition 101 but great for serious beginners....

Recovery and Regeneration- Post workout strategies to optimize the body's natural ability to process excess post oxygen consumption and the specific adaptation on imposed demands- In other words, strategies that are conducive to body fat loss and increase lean muscle mass.

Pre workout and Post workout tips...

2 options for preworkout:

2 hours before cardiovascular training or strength training- eat a meal consiting of complex carbohydrates- e.g. fiber, whole wheat, vegatables and also include protein (nutrient balance is crucial)

* this increases glucose levels that can be used for our workout and essential for maximal strength- muscle endurance is more efficient when supplied with preworkout fuel. ( meal shake supplement is ok too) note the calories and adjust according to your goal.


* 1 hour before workout- eat 1-2 fruits e.g bananas, apple, pear- this will spike glucose levels that can be used to begin our workout. Any nutrient dense food preferablly fruit will suffice. A list of nutrient dense foods can be found on my Nutrition Journal Log (see link below)

Post Workout -

After a strength or endurance based workout that lasts more than 60 minutes it is recommended to consume a complete protein meal ( balance nutrients according to nutrition plan)

This meal needs to be consumed within 90 minutes of post workout. The muscle at this time is seeking replenishment of glycogen to regenerate. Immediate supply of protein meal or meal shake will increase recovery from 30%-60%!

7 essential nutrients. for healthy living- Note the percentage of daily intake.

1. Carbohydrates - the body's main source of energy. Limit simple carbs and eat more complex carbohydrates. Daily caloric intake range 55%-60% <4>
2. Protein - essential for building and repairing muscle tissue.
Daily caloric intake range 10%-12% <4>
3. Fats - our body uses it for energy and insulation. Limit saturated fats to less than 30% and unsaturated fats to less than 10% of Daily caloric intake <9>
4. Fiber - lowers cholesterol- promotes healthy elimination, consume both insoluble and soluble fiber. Daily intake range 20-30 grams.
5. Vitamins- catalyze body's chemical reaction
6. Minerals- regulates body process
7. Water- regulates body temperature, best liquid for hydration unless workout exceed 90 minutes then sports drink with electrolytes.

Information on 3 under-reported nutrients:

Water- We must stay well hydrated this enables the body's natural functions to occur quickly and efficiently. Energy metabolism and drinking plenty of water will promote a increase in our metabolic rate and help with feelings of satiation. A minimuim intake is to drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight.

Fiber- Regulates metabolism and digestiion- we need this nutrient for efficient absorption and elimination. Also helps to prevent heart disease and certain cancer.

Omega-3 : Essential fatty acids are important building blocks of our cell membranes, and neurological systems. They play a critical role in many functions in the body and are essential for good health including our cardiovascular, heart, inflammation of muscles and homeostasis (complete body balance)

Without a structured balanced nutrition program we can barely be meeting the body's transformation requirement to see any results. Nutrition in combination with a strength and conditioning program is the most effective way to turn your body into a fat burning machine. It is the most productive form of exercise for functional daily life activities and overall health.

There are no secrets when training with me, I will give you 110% in all aspects of your training program

For more health and fitness information please visit

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