upright rows?

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upright rows?

Post by VoK » Mon Apr 03, 2006 1:04 am

Which ones do you prefer and why? Barbell upright rows or dumbell upright rows?

George G
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Post by George G » Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:55 am

I think for most exercises that can be performed with dumbells or a barbell, the asnwer is to mix it up.

Barbells let you handle more weight. Dumbells call more stabilizers into action and they also help fix any left/right imbalances.

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In Memoriam: TimD
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Post by TimD » Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:41 am

I agree with George. BB's, DB's, both are good. Various grips on the BB are good as well, but one thing I've noticed, with the BB, I won't bring the grip in any closer than shoulder width. For me, it puts too much strain on the wrists. Shoulder width (clean grip) to wide grip (snatch spacing) is just fine.

Matt Z

Post by Matt Z » Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:23 am

For me, Barbell Upright Rows seem to place the most emphasis on side delts, while Dumbbell Upright Rows place somewhat more emphasis on front delts. This is because a barbell can pass very close to my body, while dumbbells have to stay somewhat further out in front (unless your using very light dumbbells).

PS.) One cool thing you can do with dumbbells though is do a set of Dumbbell Laterals to failure followed imediately by a set of Dumbbell Upright Rows with the same weights.

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Post by strathmeyer » Mon Apr 03, 2006 1:53 pm

I prefer doing it with the lower pully with the row cable attachment. It's just the lateral-deltoid exercise that feels most natural to me. With dumbbells the grip is too far from my body and with a barbell it hurts my wrists a little.

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Post by DubDub » Sat Apr 08, 2006 1:53 pm

I've gotten used to having kinda sore wrists afterward, so I perform bb's last in my workouts, PS, this is what I sometimes refer to as 'shoulder raise's in my journal. I just realized that that's when one extends arms out straight with the weight. My bad.


Post by Guest » Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:45 pm

I can't stand either of these exercises, and they were in vogue in the '70s.