Deadlift vrs. Squat

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Re: Matt Z

Post by TimD » Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:54 am

Matt Z wrote:Anyone else have an opinion on this.
LOL, yeah, I have lots of opinions. I tend to agree with Ryan, but another approach is similar to what I've done. A few years back I had no access to a squat rack, so DL's were THE anser. I was at sea, and after a period of cleaning the bar and doing front squats, and losing the bar afeer some heavy seas, I quit doing that. For more sane answers though, you could squat heavy one week, with some Oly pulls off the floor (a snatch grip pull to lower rib cage isn't even close to a full, all out DL), and the next week DL, with a front squat or other lighter squat movement.



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