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improve my diet

Post by babe » Thu May 11, 2006 11:44 am

upper waist:27
lower waist: 29
body fat?

I'm trying to flaten my stomach, build my gluts and legs and define my upper body.

0800- oatmeal, ensure
1200: lean cusine meal
0300: fruit, nutri-grain bar or tuna
0600- chicken, vegatables and either rice or potatoes

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In Memoriam: TimD
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Post by TimD » Thu May 11, 2006 12:17 pm

Well, I don't like picking apart other people's eating plans. I don't know the breakdown of ensure, but I'm assuming it has adequate protein. Overall, the plan doesn't look bad. I'd keep an eye on the starch (rice and potatoe) proportions in the evening meal though.
Rather than pick it apart, I'm going to point you to some good info to make up your own mind, that will allow a lot of flexibility.
1. Take the link from this site's main page to the nutrition section. It's very well grounded, and written by one of the fields leading experts (Dr. Serrano)
2. Simpler version by D. Berardi ... habits.htm ... ting_2.htm
These should give you some good basics to develope your own plans.
As to the transformation goals, I'd suggest going to the beginner's page, reading it all over carefully, then go on to the weight training section and pick a good beginning program to fit your needs. I'd suggest full body or upper lower split. Then on the the aerobics and HIIT setions and find something you can work with. You have to loose fat all over and tighten your trunk area before you can "flatten" your stomach.
Good training

kevin harris
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Post by kevin harris » Thu May 11, 2006 12:51 pm

hey babe...:)
i have always wanted to say that!!!!

what are you doing for cardio and resistence training

you have the spacing of the meals great. how many calories a day are youtaking in?

i am a big fan of counting calories.

you can adjust from there
make protien be your main course in each meal then veggies then another complex carb.
i thnk ensures have alot of fat in them
try another type of meal replacement ashake
one endorced by the fitness industry
myoplex is the top on my list
protien is very high on the satiety index meaning that you will be datisfied from less

no more huge meals america!!!!!!
keep up the good work


Post by Ironman » Thu May 11, 2006 1:39 pm

The best thing you can do is not eat nutrigrain bars. Read the nutritional information. It is like eating a candy bar.

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Post by strathmeyer » Thu May 11, 2006 4:15 pm

Ironman wrote:The best thing you can do is not eat nutrigrain bars. Read the nutritional information. It is like eating a candy bar.
Yeah, just don't eat processed food and learn to read nutrition labels. Don't eat Lean Cusine, those things are disgusting; eat real food.

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Post by northernbelle » Thu May 11, 2006 4:23 pm

Ensure is mostly used for people who are ill, or who have a condition that prevents them from absorbing nutrients. It is high in fat and low in protein. I personally use Myoplex Lite; it seems to have a good variety of micronutrients and a good balance of macronutrients.

Nutrigrain bars are too high in carbs (sugar) and too low in protein. I only use an 'energy' bar when I am really stuck, like on a long road trip. There are much better ones out there than nutrigrain. If you only use them for emergencies, then you can afford to pay a little more and only buy a few at a time.

If you exercise regularly, you must increase your protein intake and really balance this with carbs and fat. Whole foods are always better than supplements. The link given by TimD is a good site.

Hope this helps...

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