Kibe69's hip problems

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Re: Kibe69's hip problems

Post by kibe69 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:18 am

Im going to start this again as i think old problems are arising again with new problems...
So hip flexor pain(slight) and piriformis/glute pain/lower back pain. I think i the lower back pain started around time made my last post in this topic not really sure. Ive been told my memory sucks for my age...

Anyway stretching gives big relif to piriformis pain i have very little lower back pain anymore but still suffering random stuff w/o training and squatting definetly brings it worth. For the glute/piriformis pain the stretching is pretty much momentary in nature and side glute work seems to make me hurt less also.

For example before i did abduction work i always felt that while sitting pain was worse now that ive done extremely high rep side glute work pain seems to be sometimes easier when sitting and worse standing. I know sitting makes things worse but i cant really help it... itc bachelor.
Im trying to plan my workouts so that i dont use my hips in dynamic way on upperbody(rows etc) days just static this does help a bit.

One thing is for sure i started ignoring the exercises that used to rebah myself long time ago. One could also argue i didnt recover at all and made it worse since i continued to deadlift w/o squatting.

About the glute bridges i did them on wednesdays workout and some of you gave me tips but i did try wider/closer stance and didnt really feel it in my glutes... hammies and calves engaged much more. I´ve had zero pain on left hip so this could just be an weakness issue in my right side...
I can infact squeeze my ass hard while sitting or while standing. For military press standing full ass activation(as well as core) is actually a must otherwise i would end up with spine pain quickly.

One thing i noticed yesterday. When i squat down my footbase falls down ( if you know what i mean) i have a big arch in foot( problem since childhood). So basically my feet are already slight falling in and when i start pushing up from bottom position ofcouse my knees are going to go more in and glutes will be engaged less because of internal rotation rather then external... Now after i focus keeping the arch in my feet it doesnt do that(all the testing done on bw). Year ago the shoes that i used were actually tight and supporing my feet good, but now they are loose and give no support... I need new shoes!

So anyone have ideas out of the box to help me ?

What i will be doing is keep working on the glute activation im going to do single-legged as well to see if i get better results.

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