How to stomach trouble ?

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How to stomach trouble ?

Post by mikayuki » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:06 am

I have been working out and eating for quite a while now. I have made good gains also. Lately I seem to be having trouble with my stomach as I always feel heavy. There is no pain as such. just slight discomfort. my doc says is acidity. As i have been on a high protein diet..I heard from a John Berardi article that it can be acidic so i eat lot of veggies and fruits..but its not coming under control. my diet looks like this

MEAL 1 - cottage cheese sandwich, fruits and veggies salad
MEAL 2 - 200 gm yogurt + 25 gms whey+ apple + banana+almonds (my shake)
MEAL3 - rice , fuits,raw veggies,
MEAL 4 - 25 gms whey + 200 gms yogurt
MEAL 5 - 25 whey + 40 glucose
meal 6 - one full chiecken + raw veggies
(2 gms of cod liver oil)

Please advice to handle this problem. Thanks

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Re: How to stomach trouble ?

Post by Wayne2321 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 1:19 am

My honest is from my experience. I often get acidity issues with stomach which causes trouble while eating and impacts badly in my daily life. To overcome that situation I changed my lifestyle. I started to go outside for exercise which made my stomach calm and less acidic. You should also make a plan of doing workout stuff to make your body strong and immune to different health issues.

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