Shoulders - Injury Prevention

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Shoulders - Injury Prevention

Post by harveyclayton » Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:55 am


Recently I have been reading some articles on Shoulders. This is really due to a fear of injury/paranoia. A shoulder injury is something I definitly want to avoid.

Obviously it is quite a complicated part of the body, or so I have came to realise. At this stage, I seem to have more questions than answers...

I've read articles and also advice on this forum talking about how too much bench pressing can eventually cause a shoulder injury. Also, that you should perform an equal amount of push & pull movements when training or you may end up with an inbalanced shoulder girdle? - not sure if the terminology is correct.

So, for talking sake, suppose I did the following within my typical training week;

Each exercise has 3 sets, I am making the assumption that I don't need to include bi's & tri's, if i should, lets just suppose they are equal (workload).

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